If Google Wants to Keep Up, They Need to Fix Their Direct Answers

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Google's direct answer system is riddled with errors. It's a disaster on mobile devices and will be an even bigger problem for Google Home. Search Engine Land has a good piece on the many flaws of Google's direct answers, or featured snippets as they're also called.

If you're looking for information about Proposition 63 in California, you'll get a featured snippet from a biased source - something that completely misrepresents the issue. Ask Google who the "King of the United States" is, and they'll tell you it's Barack Obama. Ask them about creationism and Google's direct answers will tell you that dinosaurs are made up propaganda designed to indoctrinate our children. It's getting ridiculous.

As Danny Sullivan writes, "These types of mistakes are embarrassing in web search results. They're going to be even worse with Google Home, where Google wills tart reading aloud some of these crazy answers without at least the back-up of other search results."

Perhaps, in this case, Google should fix what they have before they try to create the future.


Context to information is important.

I think there is a lot of personalization that is happening on the web. Web 3.0 is all about personalization and user specific content and experience. So just mere direct answers from Google may not help. Reviews from actual users help a lot. There needs to be a context to the information. It will be of value when google provides this context to information through search results. This is just my 5 cents of my understanding to this information piece.

I agree with the author. But sometimes that is how search engines work. We as content creators are responsible for it. It is a simple case of 'garbage in - garbage out'. Cheers.

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