Google: The Machines Will Probably Not Take Over


At PubCon last week, Gary Illyes said that there will probably always be a place for humans in Google's search algorithm. It's unlikely that machine learning will take over the whole algorithm.

Why is that? Illyes gave a couple of reasons. There was the usual "it's really just one of the signals we have," and RankBrain was described as an AI that does not work for all queries. "Obviously we are not trying to replicate all our manual algorithms, that doesn't make sense for us. If it is working well, we prefer not to touch an algorithm. But we are experimenting with what else we can do with ranking and in other products in general with machine learning."

Training an AI or machine takes a lot of time and money, too, it sounds like.

"Sparky, sit!"

"Sparky, fetch all responses to the query 'fancy restaurants in Montreal'! Fetch Sparky, fetch!"