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A couple of things have made me smile recently with the new fad of mashing Google Maps, Flickr/ services et al to create fun/useful services. First i saw, a site that shows the hottest girl pics from Flickr and now Hotmaps (picked up via AdRants) that mixes Google Maps and HotorNot, a photo dating site.

Neither are worth much other than for amusement, but they're quite clever don't you think?

Warning: I've no idea if any of the flickrlicious pics are x-rated, they didn't look it, but i didn't scroll down that far...


I took a look at the Hot or

I took a look at the Hot or Not Dev as I wanted to see of the API supported other countries than the US.

It does, but unfortunately no where near as well. 1 thing I couldn't help but laugh at though was the reference they gave to Antarctica. Hilarious!!!

got to keep checking

got to keep checking though

Yeah same here. Got to check some more. Can't be too careful these days.

North Dakota is 100% heterosexual - Official!

Switch the preferences to "male / Gay", and zoom out to see the gayest places in the continental US :)

Chicago is surprisingly gay

Just happened to stumble

Just happened to stumble across the link to the xxx sub to Nothing very eye opening.

Got a little more steamy

Got a little more steamy towards the bottom of the xxx subdomain ;)

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