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David Hayden obviously gave John Battelle a good pitch for him to harp on about some dull search site that scrapes the majors and lets you (Gasp!) save the results and share them! Oh whoopee shit, yet another novelty search site hoping to jump on the blogpuppy wagon with a few "sharing" type features.

We've already got most of this stuff with Yahoo's myweb2 for one thing - for another, with a name like Jeteye, the most useful thing this "engine" might do is shove some traffic's way...



What Nick? didn't want to send a "jetpak TM" to anyone? I haven't had my coffee yet, visited that site and couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do. Then decided I'd bark at you for linking to that crap. ;) Jeteye, I thought it was going to be a flight search engine.

Well, much as i almost

Well, much as i almost always enjoy John's blog, it's worth taking a swing at the rah rah web2 meets search bandwagon i think.

So some guy built a scraper and added some "done to death already" features to it? Worthy of being on searchblog? No, i think not...


well my mind went 'in the next couple of days there's going to be lots of blog coverage of this - lets get some sites visible' and I did a test 'pak' but it seems to have vanished off the face of the earth - as has someone elses who tried it - so I think it's going to be a quicker descent into crud-dom than even it would be otherwise


interesting way to get some link pop for their upcoming travel site


What is this nonsense? Why are those paks of "Golf Clubs" showing up for a travel search? Yes, I tried a travel search ;-). Maybe the site is harvesting email addresses.

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