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Rumours of a coming Google Chat Program are further fueled by the fact tht is now up, and a jabber client is listening on port 5222 according to Dirson


If you look at the

If you look at the screenshot, there's clearly not an actual Jabber server running on that port, although given that it is on 5222, I'd say it'll be modified in some way.

Can't wait to see the client though, hope there's a Linux version - or better yet, I hope it's actually Jabber-compatible.

read this !

Interesting stuff

Last thing I want is contextual ads in my IM client but could be good all the same

Scanning your IMs... Maybe

Scanning your IMs... Maybe its just me, but I have a REAL problem with that.

Just blogged on this

Funny this one did not allow that much lead time.... I just got off from and this is here....
Tomorrow could be an interesting days....

Scanning your IMs

And voip.. and


Funny the only ones offering me demographic/sociographic and other filtered access to traffic is Yahoo!

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