Google Keyword Planner Update - As Usual, A Few Jerks Ruined a Good Thing


I should have known better - there are always a few jerks who take a great thing and abuse it. Turns out that one of the reasons Google has restricted Keyword Planner data is because of "abusive bots and services." Thanks a lot!

You can get the details in a story from The SEM Post. They also mention that we still don't know what you need to spend in AdWords to get the detailed data back. And we also now know that you're restricted on the number of queries you can make, too.


There was a need, they met

There was a need, they met it, people became dependent on it, now they're charging. With all that technology, I refuse to believe Google can't block a couple bots.

Third Party tools parsing Google data

Have any of you seen any changes in Volume metrics for keywords in tools like Sepstat or Semrush in the light of recent changes in KW Planner? 

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