Google IM Coming Wednesday?

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Google To Launch IM This Wednesday?
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Rafat details a tantalizing clue about the possible launch of a Google IM this wednesday in this this NYT story.

The NYT piece says:

Google executives say they plan to unveil on Wednesday a "communications tool" that is potentially a clear step beyond the company's search-related business focus.

While executives would not disclose what the new software tool might be, Google has long been expected to introduce an instant messaging service to compete with services offered by America Online, Yahoo and MSN from Microsoft.

Rumours and speculation over Google IM are old hat, but this is the first time we've been given some clear indication that GOOG will move in this direction.


Screenshot of Google Instant Messenger

This screenshot claims to be based on Jabber.

Google instant messenger alpha 0.068

Not sure if it is real.

i doubt that it's an IM.

i doubt that it's an IM.

Look who uses the TM

T-Mobile supports all the popular IM providers: AOL® Instant Messenger™, MSN® Messenger, Yahoo!® Messenger, and ICQ®.

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