Bye Bye Bygone Bloggers

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Bye Bye Bygone Bloggers
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Duncan from the Blog Herald talks about the demise of geek bloggers. He says "As I’ve mentioned earlier 1G[1st generation] bloggers are insular, and its their own insularity that has lead to their current decline, and will continue to do so."

His assement of what's going on nails it pretty well

... there is always going to be a market place for the Dave Winer’s of this world, its just that their audience will continue to shrink in relation to market share in comparison to other existing, and yet to be written blogs. 3G [3rd generation] bloggers aren’t going to be interested in Winer driving a car and finding free internet access, nor Scoble playing with alpha technologies with other geeks whilst seemingly camped out in someone’s office.

I like to compare it TV, when I was kid we only had 5 channels, the lack of choice made it easy to have a dominant voice. Now that I can get 500 chanels, the ability to dominate has become near impossible.