RSS is for Geeks, Not Real People

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RSS Not As Popular As Blogs Would Have You Think
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...yet. A new Nielsen/NetRatings found that two thirds of blog readers did not know what RSS was, or how to use it. Hard to believe when you're a techie that reads a LOT of blogs, but apparently it's so. I can tell you that an alarming proportion of TW readers appear to not have adopted the addictive, but hugely productive RSS habbit, but then the SEO crowd can be a bit slow on the uptake on occasion - they're too busy building wonderful, rich content sites :)

Nielsen/NetRatings polled 1,000 members of its research panel who read blogs. It found that nearly two-thirds of the respondents either never heard of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) or did not know what the technology is used for. The study found only 11% of Web log readers use RSS to monitor blogs.

I think this quote, linked from Business2 by Bill Burnham makes a great point in light of this survey, particularly when you remember that recently a $100M "RSS Fund" was set up to ivest in RSS related technologies - i said at the time that "there's some folks throwing money at this that don't really understand it"...

These figures should be a bit sobering for VCs and the rest of Silicon Valley because not only do 100% of VCs seem to know what RSS is but it seems like 66% of them have already invested in an RSS/Blog related start-up. I think it underscores that VCs have to be careful not [to] overestimate near term adoption rates. Just because something is "hot" within the incestuous and self-centered world of Silicon Valley doesn't mean that it is hot elsewhere or even destined to be hot elsewhere.

Interesting to see a smack down on RSS enthusiasm. It'll be more interesting to see what the blogpuppies make of it, but bless 'em, it's the weekend, they don't post much then hehe...


> they're too busy building

> they're too busy building wonderful, rich content sites :)

No, we are just too bussy in general making money to read all the "content rich" blogs around :)

"content rich blogs"

Until blogs reach the point where over 1% have any merit, RSS = Real Shitty Stuff

good thing

Good thing more SEO's don't get it or Really Simple Stealing would be really widespread

Investing in blog startups

No point investing in blog startups when 60% of blog readers know what RSS is. Prolly to late to get in at a low price then.


Since a while I offer RSS feeds outside the blogosphere. Are all my feed subscribers SV techies? I doubt it and my logs tell me it's not true.

Until blogs reach the point

Until blogs reach the point where over 1% have any merit, RSS = Real Shitty Stuff

You see? That's my point.

RSS isn't about blogs, it's about syndication.

>>syndication Exactly.


Exactly. 2/3rd of the feeds I track on Bloglines have nothing to do with blogs, they are news feeds, new book releases, weather, new articles etc.

Although the blog feeds are very handy because they tell me when there are new posts and comments.

Really Simple Stealing would be really widespread

hush now... :)

RSS vs Email

I get TW's RSS feed in my news reader (Safari), but rarely use it because the email notifications are just more convenient. I guess I spend more time in my email client.....

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