Hooray! Cre8asite Forums Get New Server

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If you visit the Cre8asite forums at all, you'll know that it has been a somewhat painful experience for some time now. Thankfully, they've just moved to a faster server which makes me, and and other members very happy :)

Congratulations Kim and the cre8 boys and girls!


We're stoked

Faster server, more toys for the Tech Admins to play with and we're going to be changing over to new software next (Invision). Thanks for the nod, Nick :)

Yeah, it has been a bit of a

Yeah, it has been a bit of a pain, victims of our own success in that sense. Still, nice and quick now, and hopefully we can manage it better to make sure it stays that way :)

Glad you remembered your password this time ;)

Whoo Hoo it Rocks

Yah it certainly does fly. Unfortunately for me I now can't post. I'm sure I've been gagged - finally.

Unfortunately for me I now

Unfortunately for me I now can't post.

And I can still post. Obviously this was a dangerous oversight. ;)

Congrats on the uber smooth move and the very speedy server.

Ya, the server is very fast, congrats

I don't know if they noticed this yet, but there appears to be a few broken avitar image links.


Yup, Michael just found the missing avatars and moved them over :)

Sophie, we would NEVER gag you. Still trying to figure out what happened about the posting. But gag? Never! Who would handle the naked midgets?

Invision Power board is

Invision Power board is really good?

Meets needs

We spent months going around and around about what to move to and why. Adrian addresses some of this in our Forums downtime notice.

It was case of it meeting our technical needs. Whether it's "good", we'll find out. So far, during testing it, we're satisifed :)

Will be interesting to see

Will be interesting to see how that turns out.


It's ok Kim - I was joking. :-)

Wasnt thinking about you in

Wasnt thinking about you in my response :-)

Just genuenly interested in how good the board is.

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