How to Balance your Link Equation

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Balancing the Link Equation
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If you need to brush up on your link building skills, as I do, you'll be hard pushed to find a better mentor than the post Stuntdubl just put up entitled "Balancing the Link Equation" It was adapted from Todd's presentation at the WMW show in New Orleans recently, and is a great work, and worthwhile for anyone I think.

Volatilegx like it too. He says:

This post is really required reading if you are thinking about or currently working on a link building campaign. It nails all the basics and delves into relatively complex linking issues, such as "relative importance of theme", obtaining deep links, varying anchor text, etc.

I'll quote you the closing paragraph, as it's hard to put much else into reasonable context without copying the whole post :)

Establishing and isolating all potential problem areas help to balance the equation and maximize the time and money spent on SEO efforts. SEO is becoming less about brute force, and more about knowing all the aspects and trying to keep them in harmony. Balancing the variables of SEO relative to all other variables with a site/ subset of serps will be vital in avoiding filters and maintaining high search rankings moving forward.

Enjoy, i did...


cracking post there Todd

cracking post there Todd

He misses the importance of internal linkage

Internal linkage has benefitted large content sites for years, and it needs to be handled just like external linkage. You cannot have every page on a 50,000 page site link to every other page. You need to structure your internal link relationships so that the engines which care about such things can easily identify your most important pages (your internal hubs and authorities).

What a Crock

Sorry but that is a real joke at least in my market.


Commendable post there, Todd.

It's a decent post and

It's a decent post and properly relates important key concepts - I'd like to underline the following, though:

Build your site up using “long-tail” phrases from the onset for optimal growth. If your term is “ice sculpting” then go after “wedding ice sculpting” and “ice carving sculptures” to start with.

All too often small webmasters look at keyword lists and try first for the highest traffic keyword with all same anchor text - which can be frustrating when you're trying to help them.

All too often general webmasters have convinced themselves that link building need only concern itself in terms of PageRank and a single text anchor.

The longtail is so under-rated if you can look to long-term goals, which means link building can become much more useful for many when viewed as a form of conversation involving the target site, rather than a bombing run.

I think MM has it here

Internal linkage data can be killer.... if you do it right. Crosslinking is also fantastic, when considered a part of the overall strategy (ie use it to creat balance when your external data is skewed).

I've seen decent evidence that internal links, coupled with the right external data, can be a real relevance multiplier

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