Hotel Affiliates - Who gets the Money?

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Beware Hotel Booking Hijinks!
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The original poster was concerned the HotelClub - which is in fact owned by the conglomerate Cendant (they own Budget, Avis, Ramada, Travelodge, Howard Johnson, etc as well as - was stopping him getting more than one commission from a user that clicked through to the Hotel Club site. In other words, his user went to HotelClub, became a member there and in future, no matter where they came from, no commission was given by HotelClub.

Fairly heavy moderating, cut much of the stuff that would have been useful - though you can get it from the original poster. I am convinced that he was correct in his interpretation of the emails sent to him by HotelClub

The affiliate manager has now arrived on the scene at WMW. I am unsure if they have changed their policy as a result of this thread. I suspect they have.


Watered Down...

Certainly got watered down by the mods huh? - I'll be interested to see the Hotelclub guys response but if that gets culled aswell this could well be our first removed thread at Threadwatch lol! :-)

Let's hope they dont butcher it too much, it could be pretty interesting stuff, thanks cornwall!

Affiliate Marketing

That is the wrong fora to discuss affiliate marketing - imo

The rules are just too strict to have any meaningful dialog

So, let's have it the....

What's the scoop on Hotel bookings then folks?

I had breakfast with these folks in Orlando earlier this year.

They manage some interesting web properties.


Speak up MrMackin, are you recommending them over say or....

Speak up

Yes, I would recommend them.

I don't know anything about HotelClub and since I have not been to WmW for over 1.5 years I can't comment.

If someone is looking to replace HotelClub, I would tell them to check out IAN

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