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Well, it's been about 7 days since we started our experiment with Vibrant Media's IntelliTXT ad system and although i wanted to run it for 30days, the poor performance on Threadwatch has forced me to cut it short.

I'll be writing a proper review of the system sometime over the next few days, as there is much to say, but for now, here are the reaons, and a few comments.

Poor CTR, Poor Earnings, User Complaints

In 7 days, i've earnt the grand total of $10.92 with a CTR of 1.25% - Not exactly a winning ticket for TW eh?

I moved the Adsense block that shows in posts for non-logged-in users from just under the title of posts over a day old, to below the post in order to give IntelliTXT a chance - but my CTR on that dropped a full percentage point, and i've been earning way more than $10 on a daily basis with adsense, so it makes no sense to curb that admittedly small, revenue in favor of a system that is not performing.

We did have some user complaints in the thread linked above, but on the whole, really not very many - and I made it very clear, and simple, how to turn off IntelliTXT so that those that really didn't like it didn't need to see it - so this was not such a large issue, but it was certainly a factor.

Im sorry we couldn't run for the full 30 days for those of you that wanted that, but it just doesn't make any sense to do that. Im not convinced at all, that IntelliTXT is a waste of time, it's just a waste of time for TW.

Perhaps it's the geo-targetting, maybe the fact that a community of highly skilled techies and tech savvy users is just not right for this kind of advertising.

Anyway, bye bye intelliTXT, and thanks for all the fish!


" just a waste of time for TW."

I must say I thought it would be a waste of time for TW.

I would be interested to know what sort of results it gets (compared to AdSense) on niche sites. Something like a tourist site on London.

I'd love to try it

But have rang London office twice, sent them emails but no one replies......

Thank you Nick

Thank you for dropping the IntelliTxt links.

That makes your site much much better.

Geo Targetting

For your review: the turn-off link is not provided on all what-is-this pages. I saw only ads for terms like aol, msn, internet and stuff like that, and none of those ads' messages 'made me click'.


any stats on how many people disabled it?

I know I did.


for a CTR of that amount you're either getting a lot more readers than I think you are, or the clicks are getting a good return, even if there aren't a lot of them, would you mind sharing the average click return?

Nick, Why do you not have a


Why do you not have a paypal "donate" button on this site?

I disabled it too

...but I'm very glad to see it gone. I mean no offense to the company that runs this program, but IMO it's one of those irritants that send a message of "you're on a lousy site" whenever you see it. Right up there with popups in my book.

Donate button


Every good site should have that {goes off to write code for himself - LOL}

>click return I've no idea -

>click return

I've no idea - the average can't be much, 120 something clicks for $10 or so...


No, I've never wanted to do that - too much like begging, a man has to have some limits :)

I do have a subscription option on the "turn ads off" page, with a loose promise that if we ever do anything paid, no matter what the cost subscribers will get it free - but that's not quite the same as it's in exchange for those few that turn ads off (though it's certainly not a requirement of the functionality).



No wonder you're poor (I presume you are) - ROFL

Two thoughts

1) I often saw the IntelliTXT disclaimer but never once saw a green link. Hmmm.

2) A donate button is not begging, it's smart. Do it, Nick. Take the Kottke approach -- "You're not donating, you're contributing. Donation implies giving without getting anything in return. Contribution implies giving back because you do get something from this site." (Or something like that - his wording was top-notch.)

I'll have a think about it,

I'll have a think about it, but i've got to say im still not keen :)

BTW, i have to edit my original post a bit - the CTR was actually 1.25%. Amy told me to dived the pageviews by clicks, but that's not actually accruate as the intellitxt code is on *every* page, but the ads are *not* shown on every page.

They're looking into the way their reporting works, as that's not really a good way to do it.

suport, not donate

Nothing wrong with support button ala paypal. If you want, tie it to a specific improvmement and when the money ads up to enough to fund the otherwise-not-a-priority improvement, build it.

Otherwise your monetization needs may interfere with user-desired improvements (alas, capitalism at work) and some people are happy to help fund otherwise unfunded improvements.

I guess you only need to average better than $10/week, eh?

Heh, so when tabke is raking

Heh, so when tabke is raking in 1/2 a million euro a conference threadwatch earns 10$ a day on adsense. Time to get a new business model :)

SES Speaker List Called into Question by Search Looney

That headline alone is worth a donation.

IntelliTXT Works Well on High Traffic Content Rich Websites

"I'm not convinced at all, that IntelliTXT is a waste of time, it's just a waste of time for TW." -Nick

I think Nick's point is correct. TW, like many sites, has a lot of traffic to their front door/index pages where IntelliTXT was not implemented. This scenario limits our ability to monetize the site. Vibrant Media has never proclaimed that IntelliTXT ads are the best fit for blogs, currently blogs represent less than 5% of network.

Strong CTRs. Of the pages that delivered green links, the click through rate was 1.25%

We all know that this is much higher than the industry average for other online ad units such as banners (.02%).

IntelliTXT ads on Threadwatch were a great experiment for Vibrant Media. Only .2% of the TW users disabled IntelliTXT (122 users in total).

Vibrant Media takes user feedback seriously . We use trials such as these to improve our product and offer a better experience for users, publisher & advertisers. So thank you for giving your feedback.




Amy, before you get happy about the "only .2%" that disabled -- I would've disabled it if I had ever seen one of the green links. Maybe a better metric is how many people saw them AND left it enabled.

I guess I don't understand

I guess I don't understand how putting a donate button is begging. You are putting forth a valuable service. It takes a lot of time for you to do it that is taken away from you making money on other things. Why do you not value your time?

HardwareGeek says he makes 10x from Intellitxt vs AdSense

"BTW I make 10 times more with VM then I do with GA, so if I had to dump one I would dump GA"

Apparently someone is making it big off of Intellitxt. Perhaps he might be willing to divulge some info on how he does it.

Why not Tribalfusion?

Unless you abandoned it or against banners on principle... CPM would work for the TW audience right? Surprised at the low earnings frankly...

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