Google Pulls Top Adwords Ad into Sponsored Listings on Some Searches

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Google gives ads a little more juice
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I've seen talk of 3 sponsored results sitting atop Google search results in a few places over the last week, but now we appear to have confirmation and a little clarification on the issue from Google.

Google is pulling up an extra high-performing ad from its ad stack on the side of search results and moving it to the more promiment top-center placement. Google's argument is that, for commercial searches, such as "DVD player,'' ads are often as relevant to searchers as the regular search results.

"Google is always working on improving the user experience and ad effectiveness,'' spokesman Mike Mayzel told us. "For highly commercial queries, we believe an additional ad above the search results is good for both.''

So, 3 listings atop Search results on "highly commercial searches" eh? Lucky for that one Adwords advertiser that gets that spot, i presume it doesn't cost the advertiser anything more and works the same as the other two top listings.


should be good for them all

because it changes the page format it'll make people look....

DVD player won't do it

at least not at the moment, but "cell phone" does.

(ah wait, that's DVD players, with an s, which gives 3 sponsored listings. My Emily Litella moment.)

Update I edited my last


I edited my last paragraph, as edit_g tells me that the normal 2 spots are done the same way, the top adwords ads go there, they're NOT sold on CPM (though they were at one time)

thanks edit_g!

this has been the case

this has been the case across a number of business insurance related terms since last Thursday. Where I have a one or two position (in the natural SERPS) my clickthroughs have gone down by about 25%.

Not only on popular searches

It's not only happening on the big searches, I have keywords that get searched less than 1,000 times a day with three paid listing.

AJ was way ahead of it's time

Innovation? AskJeeves determined long ago that the ads were more relevant than their search results, and put gobs of them in front of natural results

Anyone noticing much

Anyone noticing much difference? Top spot seems to be doing just as good, but 2nd seems to have taken a knock for us.

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