Some People are Just Born Idiots

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Outing the Spam Bloggers One at a Time
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Check out overenthusiastic Blogpuppy Steve Rubel linking to this total arsewipe. Don't blame Steve, he suffers from a common disease called "ohmygodsomeonesaidblogidbetterlinktoititis" - It's TW's understanding that there is no cure, it's very sad.

In an effort, futile as it is though, to help Steve see the problem here, let me point out a few things:

Where is this information going?
The most information i could find was on the about page, which only has a couple of lines:

Splog is a terrorist to our blogosphere and needs to be stopped. This site was created for "good willed" bloggers to report splog in an effort to help to clean up the blogosphere of splog. It was spurred by the called to arms of Mark Cuban here and then followed up by a post on Somewhat Frank.

Check out the Adsense, disguised as Navigation!
Not that i have much to say about that, having just done it on another site hehe. but do you see the point steve? Good GRRRRRRRIEF!

What kind of deranged lunatic makes such a site? I'll tell you, some fuckwit hoping to jump on a small bandwagon and make a few adsense $$'s before you blogpuppy nobs realize it's a fraud.

You know, sometimes i wonder why i bother to try and help you guys, it's a fruitless, thankless task, but then i've not had a little rant in a few days, and i get all cranky if i don't scream about some imbecile now and again.

Today i got 2 for the price of one :)


I needed the laugh.

Splogs? Splooge. More blogma to avoid. ;)

Surely this is your

Surely this is your arsewipe
Blog called "Somewhat Frank".. don't call him Shirley.

>> I recently launched beta for a simple website called
>> where "good willed" bloggers can report
>> sploggers. Verification will then be made on which submitted
>> items are truly splogs.


Is it just me or am I the only one that cringes and feels like throwing up every time I here the word "splog".

I may dislike the people creating spam blogs because it makes it harder for me to get ahead, but I don't spend my time outing them unless it results in a net benefit of increased traffic on my blogs (DaveN stories are always good for traffic :-) ) Instead of silly sites like this they'd be better off spending more time trying to make an honest quid instead of cashing in on something somebody else has said for their 5 seconds of fame.

ahhhh now I'm mad!!!!

Check out eWeek,1895,1849438,00.asp
it gets a run there too! Notice how eWeek hasn't credited how they picked up on the story as well.

I don't get it

what is the deal behind this site ?

spot the spammer

I love it when Nick highlights an "idiot" complaining about Spam. It provides for a new round of "spot the spammer" where I read through the comments and pick out the link spam ones, or the ones that monetize Mark Cuban's blog traffic ironically, semingly with his blessing. Cynicism and irony... like butter and toast.

I have no idea what this

I have no idea what this site is supposed to do with regards to spam blogs (Splogs? It's silly term). Report them? To what end? As if Blogspot didn't already know which ones are spam blogs. The onus is on them to clear up their service. They can do so quite easily. And yet...

Flag as objectionable may

Flag as objectionable may help. But I doubt it, it sounds like another of Google's "here ya go, now shuddup.." things.


I thought the bloggers fixed all their problems with the nofollow :)...

want to fix the blog spam problem...

pull them from the main index all together...

google proper : images : news : froggle : blogs.



Haha - It just got funnier

check out the "Current News".

The guy must be about 3 or 4 years old.

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