Ruling on Trademarks in Google Search Ads

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Use of trademarks in Google's ads was "likely to cause confusion."
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Google may be liable for trademark infringement in the Geico case according to

In her written opinion last week, U.S. District Court Judge Leonie Brinkema sided with Geico in saying that the use of trademarks in the text of Google's ads was "likely to cause confusion." But Brinkema also ruled that Google can use trademarks as keywords to trigger the appearance of ads.


Google say they won

Google say they won

try doing adwords

We have had campaigns running for some major plc's on their behalf and google banned all our campaigns, even when the plc allowed us to. We had to get google to grant us an exception.

It appears they just took all the trademark terms and blanked banned them, especially on new campaigns.


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