Anyone seeing errors on TW?

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goodroi is having some weird troubles with TW, he's getting this IE error msg on IE6 intermittently on posts and the recent posts list.

Is anyone else having trouble today?


IE* appears to dislike...

...this url:

with the @ in it....

*I tried Maxthon instead of MSIE - LOL


Im using ie6 (yeah yeah, boo hiss shame on me)

No errors just a 404 on the above url...which I should get, right?

Getting intermittent

Getting intermittent redirects to when clicking in the 'new' links (IE6)

Using Mozilla on my development server, I get no errors but notice a request to showing up in my server logs for every page view.

Something to do with your anti-trackback-spammer .htaccess file maybe?

Could be, I'll take another

Could be, I'll take another look but the lines don't look like they should be doing that...

got that once before, a few days ago, I assumed it was something going wrong with some anti spam thing - but haven't seen it since - IE or firefox.


a few mins after posting that, I just tried to come back to this thread via the tracker page, in a new IE window and got redirected to if that helps. One of those intermittent, weird bugs to track down?

Just taken out the two rules

Just taken out the two rules that redirect to 127etc - see how that works now guys, let's try and isolate the cause..

thanks for the help :)

Was getting localhost earlier

I am using the most recent version of IE, will let you know if I get bounced to localhost again

errror in techno link?

If there's an error in the tehno link so that IE "thinks" that the link belongs to the domain, AND the link contains the word "trackback" then you will get that error.

Perhaps also if you try to load an image/sylesheet/javascript from threadwatch where the URL contains that word (and something goes wrong).

Otherwise I don't think so.

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