Are Monthly SEO Contracts a Scam?


People can be skeptical of a lot of SEO practices. Is the method of payment one of them?

A user posted on SEO Chat yesterday - they'd just come from a LinkedIn discussion where someone had said: "We do SEO for several clients and once we do the initial work, we only need to analyze it from time to time. Any monthly contract is basically a scam." Here's a link to the thread.

What do you think? User ThomasHarvey writes that "They're kind of right, and in a way it's how most SEOs work. My personal working process is do a site audit, analyse what needs to be done and create a prioritised list. Complete that list. Wait to see the impact of changes and then repeat...What a monthly contract does offer you though over a one off payment/audit is the contract with an seo. You can ask them whatever questions you may have..."

Another user, Pierre Benneton, writes that he uses both types of payment - one off and contract - depending on the project. That sounds sensible to me - I don't believe that there's necessarily a line in the sand when it comes to payment types.


I agree

I tend to do both depending on the project and especially the maturity of the competition. I have never run across a domain that didn't need routine work though. Not sure they really exist. But video takes a lot less work once it is up and so i don't really do a lot of work after. Therefore, I don't usually charge a monthly fee for seo on them. Unless I'm asked to

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