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Blogger for Word
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I cannot really see the point as Blogger is very easy to use, but this add-on enables the user to use Word to publish to Blogger

Now you can use Blogger right within Microsoft® Word. Just download and install the Blogger for Word add-in and a Blogger toolbar will be added to Word allowing you to:

* Publish to your blog
* Save drafts
* Edit posts


If you're not familiar

If you're not familiar enough with the web to use a form, what the hell do you want a blog for?

wow sweet feature. now if

wow sweet feature. now if they could only implement CATEGORIES. Sheesh.


maybe it will be usefull for some automated splogs ... err ... spam blogs?

obviously you don't know my neighbors

It is quit eobvious that you all would be shocked to learn just how err... shall we say "uniformed" many people are when it coms to computers.

Sure they all know Windows now, and Office, and "Internet". Just check their resumes to confirm.

Yet when you ask them to locate a FILE they only know Word for document management. Many never even considered there might be a native file system app (like Windows Explorer) or a way to "see" documents outside of Word. In fact, many of the mid-level execs ONLY use their mail app and Word. They get lost if you even change the Word document manager's window pane layout.

Blogging directly from Word? AWESOME... now blogging isnt just for those IT guys and the snots in marketing. Three cheers for a whole tonnamore "edgy home pages" and, mark my words, corporate dismissals due to inappropriate blog content.

Anyone for an activex plugin to insert-backlink-of-the-day ?

code bloat

I gave the app a quick spin around the block and I have to wonder did they give the job to the programmer who came up with a way to add the most code bloat to a page? ;-)

Andrews is right...

You guys have no idea the number of people I know who cannot send a JPG without first embedding it in Word. Unbelievable. These people, of course, should not be blogging.

Mac Users Are Upset

Mac And The Blogger/Word Toolbar

I use Word, as a word processing program, but that's it. I can't imagine using Word for HTML, or to post anything to the web. There's enough cludgy, fuster-clucked code out there, no need to make it easier.

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