Google Rolling Out Adwords Price Changes

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Google AdWords Pricing Changes Live Today
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According to Barry, Google Adwords price changes go live today, but they're rolling the change out slowly.

The message that's appearing on some customers control panels reads:

We've simplified our keyword status system.
Your keywords will now either be active (triggering ads) or inactive (not triggering ads). Quality remains the most important factor in your keywords' performance. Each keyword will now have a minimum bid that is based on the quality of your keyword and ad text. If your maximum CPC doesn't meet this minimum bid, your keyword will be listed as inactive.

What you should do differently:
If a keyword is listed as inactive, improve its quality through optimization, delete it, or raise that keyword's maximum CPC to the minimum bid indicated. (Raising the bid will re-activate the keyword.) If your keyword is active, you don't need to do anything.

Im not an Adwords user, so i'll leave to you guys to pass comment on that one eh?


The biggest impression thus

The biggest impression thus far is that it's infinitely easier to explain the Status to new customers. Overture...err, much more intuitive for the newbs. This helps bridge that gap.

FWIW AdWordsAdvisor at wmw says

The changes have not actually launched yet - and what you are seeing is some limited pre-launch testing as we get things ready for prime-time.

The changes will relatively launch soon, and as mentioned previously, we'll notify everyone by email when they do occur - and of course I'll post here as well.

In the meantime, for those few that do see the 'new' pages, please know that you are seeing testing, that your account will run as normal during the testing, and that any changes you make in the 'test' interface will be saved.

My apology in advance for any confusion that this testing may cause.

and further on in the thread

Even if you do see the test UI, your account will continue to run just as before. There is no need to change anything in reaction to the test. However, if you do make changes, the changes will be saved.

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