Dave, Jen & Chris Meet Larry & Sergey

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At the GoogleDance in San Jose, Matt Cutts snaffled Jen, Dave and Chris out to meet Larry and Sergey. It seems the boys put on the charm, as our usually hard-bitten, cynical SEO types were quite taken with them.

From Jen

Larry and Sergey are very much the down-to-earth kind of guys you read about in articles. It is obvious they are still very much hands-on when it comes to Google, and are extremely passionate about what they do.

and Dave

.all the good things you read about Larry and Sergey are TRUE. I never thought that in my wildest dreams that I would meet the search industry’s most powerful men. One thing I have taken back with me to sunny England is that it’s how you treat your staff that is the key to success. Everyone I met in the PLEX love Google

Ahhh.. shall we give GOOG a couple of days of reprive?

nah... :)



That is an awsome scoop for her. Gratz Jen.

We arrived inside the plex

We arrived inside the plex at 10pm Sergey and Larry turned up at 1.30am and hung out till just after 2.30.. Sergey was open in his questions to me and honest in his answers to me.. the guy is very cool... but so am I ;)


By honest ..

Do you mean he gave you useful answers or honestly answered "you know I can't answer that Dave" or even "sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that" ;O)

Today you for sure are,

Today you for sure are, lucky man...


still beating them

but I'm taking them all out on thursday, if you want to come. :) beatings take place on fridays still..


chrisgarrett : example we

chrisgarrett : example we talked about alot of things some private life stuff like I brought a new watch in the states and we found out that my watch cost more than matt and sergeys watches together and you could throw matt's car into the google pot and my watch still won..lol..

Sergey is really down to earth !! we talked about google and yahoo ... this stuff was all off record and not my companines or Googles veiws but Sergey's, Matt's and Dave's if that makes sense.

it was just like a few friends chatting, and thats how at easy Google made me feel.


a convenient meeting

With a odd hat on here.......so Matt just happened to ask 3 people who are well known in the seo community, for nice stuff and nasty stuff (who is who I wonder:)) to come for a walk and oh my Larry and Sergey just happened to be in the office at 1.30am by themselves.

A brilliant way of keeping your finger on the pulse for google's top boys, repect, but a setup meeting it must have been.

So the question is what would the outcome be of such information?


nope doug off the mark mate

nope doug off the mark mate :)

the plex tour came about because i had the yahoo tour the day before :) .. and I was telling a googler on matts team about it we had been chatting for an hour or so, he said we should give you guys a tour something Matt had also said at the ses speakers ready room earlier in the day .. a few minutes later matt walked over and the googler said we should sort out a tour... matt said want to do it now... at that time sergey was walking around the googledance in a baseball cap ( good disguise )

we left the party and had a tour.. then went to sit in a micro kitchen, there was maybe 20-30 googlers still working in the plex at this time. Larry and sergey came in the main entrance which was pretty much where we where sat.. Larry had a very large video camera, and matt introduced us at that point sergey just sat down and began to talk to us.. there was still people working when we left at 3am



Just if I was Sergey or Larry I would have planned it:)

Would be good to talk to people who dig the coal so to speak, off the record. Not meaning the info was not worthwhile on both sides.


Wonder why Chris post is

Wonder why Chris post is unlinked. For the record,

>>Wonder why Chris post is

>>Wonder why Chris post is unlinked

That would be because im a petty minded, stingy link horder.

Or possibly, just because i didn't know he had a blog, and had written it up...

So did they get to see the

So did they get to see the Big Red Button?

Sounds like a great

Sounds like a great experience, Dave, Jen, and Chris. :)

Did you find yourselves kicking yourselves much after for what you didn't ask about?

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