Feedster Top 500 Released

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Feedster 500 owns Technorati 100!
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The first of Feedsters top 500 blogs is out. Jason says it blows the Technorti 100 away, and the ranking criteria is here

TW is nowhere to be found, despite having a large enough link count to be included (if im doing it right that is) but Barry makes #500 and there are a few other search blogs in there. Interestingly, SEW blog doesn't make it either maybe this is the reason?

We left out professional news sites, aggregation systems, and some fairly static web sites that happened to have feeds but didn’t “feel bloggy.” This filtering method is a different screen than we use for news versus blogs in our normal course of search indexing and is much more subjective.

Your guess is as good as mine, but it's an interesting list nonetheless. And of course, in the spirit of all things corny, you get a nice shiny badge if you're in there, and the honor of linking back to the list :)


a question of time

I'm only guessing that it might me an issue of time. Im looking at that list and I'm guessing that it goes back a fairly long way in terms of recording link creation. If we use Technorati for example (and not a good or particularly accurate example I'll admit) The Search Engine Roundtable (position 500 on the Feedster list) has 415 links where as Threadwatch has 347.

To some extent though it all comes back to how you want to measure your "top" lists though: take today for example Threadwatch is at 101 at Blogpulse and The Blog Herald is at 104 based on the last months incoming links only. Although I'm enjoying being at 157 on the Feedster list, the Blogpulse stats show more recent success and interest in terms of what people are looking at now whereas Feedster is automatically going to reward sites that have existed for a longer time because they'll have a bigger, more established portfolio of incoming links and may have been more successful in the past.

I can only hope that we get a Top 500 list at Blogpulse based on the last 30 days, that would keep a lot of people on their feet :-)

Time? Im not so sure - TW

Time? Im not so sure - TW shows 1700 links in Feedster - though i agree about the blogpulse thing, that would be more interesting - though their stats are wildly innacurate - it thinks there's an average of 30 posts a week here...

Well, I'm in there at 472.

Well, I'm in there at 472. And I'm the first to admit that my site probably shouldn't be, even if this is just the August list. Not that I'm complaining, mind you :)

no, you're right

100% right Nick, I'd forgotten you can use Feedster to check links this way, SEO Round Table comes in with 990 to your 1700 odd. You've been excluded, barred, chucked off your rightful place amongst the top 500 bloggers in the........United States according to the press release. Perhaps they knew you were a Pom and that's why they've barred you, where as most people think I'm a yank. Some people do say Australia's become the newest American state :-)

TW - Too BAD for Feedster!

TW - Too BAD for Feedster! heheh...

I'll Take the Sticker

Not sure how they came up with the list...but there are many that deserve it more than I.

Maybe you can Buy the top

Maybe you can Buy the top slots.. ho my ... well if a certain well know blogger can say "my guess is we need to pay you to get into this report right?!" about the Comscore report, then maybe he paided to get in the feedster one :)


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