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On Friday, we brought you news of the Google API Backlinks Spreadsheet tool. In that post, i asked if anyone had the time to try and use the Yahoo! API for backlink checks as Google's data is next to useless (quite on purpose) - Claus, one of the TW regulars, and quite the Windows expert, has released an improved backlink spreadsheet tool that uses both API's to form a more comprehensive tool.

Download it and tell us what you think!

thanks claus!


Yahoo API Backlinks

It may be worth checking the results of the Yahoo API backlinks data versus that same data when you go directly off Yahoo. We researched using the API in the past and it was giving dramatically different backlink data versus the "live" Yahoo site.

Run-time errors

Ugh...having flashbacks of my terrible attempts to program in visual basic years ago. *shudder*

Anyhow, it looks like a very cool idea, but I'm getting this:
"Run-time error '-2147221504 (80040000)':
No Deserializer found to deseriarlize a ':key' using encoding style '".

Any insights?

Runnin' office 2000 on XP here.

wow thanks

Thanks for the thread Nick :-)

dramatically different backlink data

Yes, I found that too, as i mentioned in the original thread.

I might add normal HTML requests (non-API, like in your browser) to the sheet at some point, so the web results were shown as well, or in stead. That way it would also work with earlier Excel versions (and for people without API keys)

I'm not sure if it would confirm to Google and Yahoo TOS though, as it would be 10 non-API requests for each push of the button. I could leave that up to the conscience of the user though, by making a separate button for that, or a checkbox to check, or something.

Bugs, Errors, etc.

Runnin' office 2000 on XP here.

Unfortunately the sheet is only intended for the newest Office pack. That is Office 2003 aka. Office 11.

BUT (Stuntdubl and anyone facing the same errors), there are links to two Microsoft products on the download page:

(1) Microsoft Office 2003 Web Services Toolkit
(2) MSXML 3.0

No. 1 is for handling SOAP requests (Google), No. 2 is for handling XML (Yahoo!). The latter is included in MS Office 11 (or, 2003).

Perhaps it will work if you can manage to install those (both are small downloads).

I get that error too

And am on 2003


Just downloaded... me too... I even get the same error with the copies on my harddrive. Dang, now I have to spend time figuring out if this is an error or if it's Google blocking it somehow.

I don't think it's an error, as I haven't changed it since the last time it worked, but OTOH I don't see why Google would want to block it (or how). Beats me...

Hmmm ..

very odd - good luck!

We're not the only ones...

It's apparently Google that has changed something last week.

I don't really know what to think about it. Have to get some sleep now though. It's late, and I'm quite busy at the moment so there's very little time for playing peek-a-boo with the Google boys and girls. I just hope that this little spreadsheet is not the reason for "whateveritis" as there's bound to be a massive amount of tasks to do at Google that are more important than making this little toy defunct.

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