Google & iTunes - Announcement Imminent?

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Google to Include iTunes?
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Hot Google rumour for the weekend? Google to announce deal with Apple to sell iTunes on site - "According to market chatter, Apple is set to announce a deal with Google calling for Google to offer Apple's iTunes music store through its own site. The rumored deal would pair the nation's leading online music store with its leading search engine."


Possible but doesn't make much sense

I mean Apple have already admitted the margins on tracks is very small indeed so how much of a cut could they afford to give Google?

I can imagine it technically working that when you search it also searches the iTunes library and provides another sponsored link...


small margins require large volume

- it's pure math ;)

This rumour sounds interesting. I'm not sure what to think of it, but it would probably benefit both parties.

The way Google is tied to Amazon already it wouldn't surprize me if they would consider to tie in with Apple as well.

Make more money baby...

Now, if they can tie song titles or artists to iTunes via Autolink they will really have something.

How would Google deal with

How would Google deal with privacy issues? Or would it be blatant invitation for Google to collect and collate user-data on iTunes purchases for marketing purposes?


it'd be disappointing to see google, a company that has made pro-open source statements, partner with the foolishly proprietarial apple. yahoo music is a much better deal as they wisely have chosen more of network strategy. i think if google partners with itunes they will lose a market that they could otherwise very easily win.


Maybe they're growing up?

Yahoo's biz moves can be quite spectacular, from a purely biz POV. Google's often leave one baffled.

Maybe G are taking a leaf out of Y's book, and doing the sensible thing. Why build a network, when you can partner with an existing one? - Cost is minimal, profit is potentially huge...

(talking about the Y/Alibaba thing)

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