Fedex Furniture & How to be a Corporate Wanker

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Fedex Furniture, Case Study: How to be a Corporate Wanker
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Ok so this guy is out of cash and needs furniture for his apartment, what does he do ... gets some Fedex shipping boxes and makes a couch, dining table, a bed, and a desk out of Fedex Boxes. Ok so he used some FedEx boxes without shipping anything, but you gotta give him points for execution and creativity. He even built a website to show off his work ( The suits in Memphis decide this is not good, and try to crush him with superior legal power. Now everybody including Seth Godin talk about it, and FedEx looks like a big bad corporate bully.

Wouldn't it have been easier to throw the guy a couple bucks, buy the website, and set him up with some new furniture? It certainly would have been cheaper, and they could have gotten some positive press to boot. To really think out of the box (pardon the pun) why not run a contest every year and invite people to build stuff out of the boxes. Think of how many news stations would do a 60 second spot about it.


Ah, furniture from boxes...

I had a table made from medical supplies boxes and an old table top we found in the house for about 6 months in my first place.

Then we replaced with a table someone had nicked from Argos, that we bought at Donnington market (we managed to go on the day of the British Moto GP, or something....)

Corporate Stupidity

How stupid are Fedex? If they had any brains they'd use him in a marketing campaign highlighting the strength and security of their packaging.

Absolutely Duncan, this just

Absolutely Duncan, this just goes beyond all reason.

To miss such an opportunity, should be a crime.


Nearest I can get to that is my desk made of Wharfdale speakers.

desk made of Wharfdale speakers.

Cheaper to buy a desk, perhaps?

I make boxes out of old desks.

I wonder if IKEA will sue me for that if I show them on the web....

He should send them a bill

He should send them a bill for his viral marketing campaign......


Fedex Furniture & How to be a Corporate Wanker

(Among other things) headlines like that are what makes this place so special :-)

FedexGuy should paint those boxes. Paint is cheap and it hides the ugly corporate logo's.

That said - it's not the first time that a corporation turns a great marketing opportunity into bad press in stead. It's still a pity to see that people are so short-sighted.

Since most of us feel that way...

...I feel the title is totally justified. Wankers indeed, blind ones too. (I see a causal connection here - grin)


all of you with children be careful - I just thank my lucky stars that my five year old self wasn't sued for my impressive egg-crate playhouse and that my childhood hamster avoided a court case from Andrex 'cos he loved those tunnels....

I think there was a site

I think there was a site that did this with US postal service boxes as well.

Wow...Fedex said that there

Wow...Fedex said that there is an issue because the ".com" extension "which is for commercial level domain instead of ".net" and could cause confusion.

Isn't the ".net" domain "technically" supposed to be for domain hosts? (.networking?)

Does *anyone* follow those "rules" anymore? I thought eveyrone just bought the .com domain because that is what most outside people knew.

I hope FedEx fires their lawyers / PR folks

What a bunch of wankers indeed.

that's one of the best

that's one of the best pieces of free advertising fedex could ever get, and they let their pointy-headed lawyers blow it for them. a great example of the dangers of letting the legal team spend time unsupervised. what a waste.

the cool factor

I'm with most of the posters above me. It seems that Fedex just did not appreciate the cool factor of this exercise. It should have been featured on their home page.

Perhaps their biggest worry was that a bunch of people would start dropping by shipping centres and demanding boxes.

They do make really good storage boxes. All the same size, very stackable. If you have enough shipping centres in your area, you can build up a pretty good collection.

proof of Wits causal connection

seems it's true - you really do go blind

>> Perhaps their biggest

>> Perhaps their biggest worry was that a bunch of people would start dropping by shipping centres and demanding boxes.

LOL, they make about $12 billion / year, don't they? How much are they paying for those boxes?

Just saw this

Hit the main stream media.

MSNBC is airing the story about the fedx boxes.

I bet there are some red faces at fedx today...

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