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Story Text: is a smart app that takes any website and strips out all the unnecessary tags and junk for use with mobile phones. It acts as a proxy for mobile web users, and is free to use, free of ads, and open source

PHONifier is an application that should make your mobile web life easier. More and more mobile phones have internet access, yet there are very few webdevelopers that really seem to care about the mobile surfer. So why don't we do their work for them? PHONifier optimizes webpages for mobile phones... On the fly.

Dennis Hettema of Shotcodes is behind the site, and the link to that, and one of his other projects on the homepage is presumably the point - as there is no apparent business model. Im sure he'll correct me if im wrong :)

I tried it on Threadwatch (of course) and have to say i think it does a pretty good job, though im surprised to see it use XHTML 1.0 Transitional rather than (imo) the better suited XHTML Basic spec...


And on a similar note,

And on a similar note, Natashar (that girl from marketing) sent me RSS2WAP that will take your RSS feed and convert it to WAP (well, what else would it do?)

thanks natasha!

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