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Earilier this week i spoke to Amy Valenzuela from Vibrant Media about testing intelliTXT at Threadwatch. Following that conversation, I've decided it would be at very worst, interesting to see how the product performs here, and at best, financially sound for the site. It would be nice if it added value to the pages aswell, use the comments for your thoughts on that when i've put it on...

I'll be putting intelliTXT on the site this morning, so please bear with me while i tweak it and play with the settings a bit :) There's actually a great deal of control for publishers, and i may continue to tweak it over the 30 day trial.

NOTE: Im not certain how long after implementation links will start appearing.

During that 30 days, we can decide to drop it, or Vibrant can decide to drop us.

What is it?

You should see some green links within the copy of pages, other areas will be excluded. If you mouse over a link, a tooltip will appear describing the advertisers product/service. If you click it, you'll go to the appropriate advertisers page.

Ack No! Shame on You Nick W!

Don't worry, if you really hate it, you can turn it off :) Just mouse over a link, click the "what's this" link, and at the bottom of the page there is a link that will set a cookie that prevents intelliTXT showing for you.

Your Feedback Appreciated

At the end of the 30 days, or if one party decides to end the agreement, whichever comes first, i plan to do a full on review of the system as tested here at Threadwatch. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, i'll sumarize TW memebers feelings in the review.

Thanks everyone!


I believe the method that

I believe the method that Intellitext use for dislpaying adverts is superb, when balanced against the comparable services from G, Y etc.

On our (admitably limited) tests those style of adverts increased CTR by approximately 37% compared to Adsense but the HUGE downside was that Intellitext didn't use to have (I don't know if they do yet, we'll wait and see) a true contextual engine that understood the meaning of a page and their JavaScript relied on a seed word / theme being inserted either by a person or CMS to enable the relevancy of the adverts to be shown.

Now although I stood up for the huge increase in CTR that was based on a less technical and search savvy readership than we'll find here. Let's be frank, I believe it is hard to use the TW members as an "average" test bed but at the same time, in time, whether it be TW membership or the rest of the web surfing world, there is always the real danger of Ad Blindness. It is less likely with these in context, contextual ads but could still well occur.

Good luck mate and let us know how it goes :)

Thanks Jason, Well, its on,

Thanks Jason,

Well, its on, but i dont' see anything yet...

I need to configure a US proxy and havea look around.

Anyone see anything?

I see it mate

I see it mate.

Home page shows ads for the words: pointer, domain, web and microsoft from me with a UK IP and this page shows web and also IP.

Yes, word "web"

in Jasons post


"Web" is linked in JasonD's post, and shows a Fasthosts ad for me.

TW may not show as good results..

as a niche site.

There may be the same reluctance to click these ads on a forum, as there is with AdSense. But they are very impressive none the less.

While for a page of information for say "cornwall", these ads may be much juicier to click on.

Odd thing too, whilst typing this "Javascript" on Jasons post is now an ad.

And "CMS" now green


Curious to know if it conflicts with adsense tos?
I see both on the home page.

>>homepage ack, that's a bug


ack, that's a bug in my implementation. They should only be appearing on individual pages - i'll see if i can tweak that.

Meanwhile, i'll get a US proxy set up and check it out myself.

Oh, and btw, there should be a maximum of 6 ads on a page, and 2 ads on any "block" of text - so as not to clutter. I will almost certainly play with those settings, but that seemed a sensible starting point..

thanks for the help, i'll go see if i can check 'em out now..

Conflict with Adsense?

Have a look at

Basically Jen thinks you cannot run both, IntelliTXT think you can, Google do not seem to have a view (as yet)

Interesting that others see different words as links

When I was reading the comments, I didn't see some of the links others posted. Example:

"Web" is linked in JasonD's post, and shows a Fasthosts ad for me.

I don't see "Web", but I do see MS and IP in Jason's post. Curious. ;-)

I'd think that click thru will be low on this type of site.



I'm seeing what others in the UK are and some are probably UK targeted.

I don't see "Web", but I do

I don't see "Web", but I do see MS and IP in Jason's post. Curious. ;-)

That's probably down to some IP based GEO Location ad serving technology. You in country A will see different ads to me in Country B etc, and also, like all PPC companies the inventory can change in real time.

I'd think that click thru will be low on this type of site.

I think you will be right for the signed in membership but maybe not so (if their relevancy and ad inventory is good enough) for the browsers and lurkers, which I believe TW has a VERY high % of.



They are geo-targeted. Probably why I see nothing in Denamark.

I can see them now, they look great i think :)

>>low ctr

Yep, but on this type of site, low CTR is a given, if it increases using these ads, that's good - if it makes more money, that's better.


The Adense block im putting under titles of posts over a day old has an average CTR of around 2.5 - 3.0%

Just seen one of the bugs in

Just seen one of the bugs in the Intellitext system rear its head.

In the Yahoo / MyAP thread you get to see ads for the word "network". The context of the word in that post was affiliate network, yet I see an advert for networking equipment.

It's a subtle, but very real problem, with Intellitext's contextual engine that will effect some sites and pages more than others but where they truly need some help to fix as it has been that way for as long as the application has been out. Thankfully I have the answer for understanding the true context but I will say it was a bloody nightmare and a half to develop!

Must be inventory or something else

Now I am seeing "Web" and "IP" in Jason's post and not "MS". Since I haven't moved, geotargeting is probably not the only factor. I guess they won't tell Nick what triggers the ads. ;-)


IntelliTXT CTR

Does anyone know what the click through rates are like compared to Adsense?
Obviously it will vary from site to site, based on quantity/quality of text and context etc.
But if someone has any rough before/after stats would be very interesting.

Its broken in Opera

works fine in IE, getting the UK version, but nix in Opera

Does anyone know what the

Does anyone know what the click through rates are like compared to Adsense?

On my tests with a similar display format (not Intellitext though)
Adsense = 4.2%
Related = 5.8%

An increase of just under 37%

It was based on a certain type of site and may not transfer across all content areas or style of site of course.

Bottom line for me was it works, if your site hits certain demographics.

so what if....

I'm curious, but I can't check it because I won't be able to find a site with appropriate ads on - intellitex'd links don't appear in the html - so if the G toolbar tried to put a link on the same word it would presumably overwrite it?

If Intellitext could run a test or two and confirm what it does then perhaps Google may have to consider an opt-out for autolink? I know people are unlikely to advertise on ISBN numbers but I can imagine advertising on US town names is quite likely and autolink will expand (that was confirmed by Marissa in an interview, just we don't know how far and what it'll cover exactly).

I would much rather have

I would much rather have inline link ads coming from the site owner through something like Intellitext where I know the ads support the site, rather than through adware theft of revenues by some third party.

I can see were these would be very good for clickthroughs from lurkers and non-members.
I see them just fine on FF and a Mac in US.

The way Intellitext changes

The way Intellitext changes the content of the page is the same way most of the anti autolink code works.

The process is sort of:

Page loads html
It parses and renders the html, css and any client side code (JS etc.) that is included.

After a delay (sometimes only milliseconds) more client side code kicks in and rewrites the rendered html visible in the browser.

The challenge is to make sure you're last on the list of functions to rewrite code or alternatively find the JS function name that does nasty things and use that function for yuor own use. The problem with a toolbar is that the functions it uses are embedded in the codebase and it would require some detailed reverse engineering to get this data out and (at least in the US) this could be construed as a breech of the DMCA


so basically, intellitext acts at the server, but the toolbar acts on the client machine after download and will therefore overwrite it?

unless the ad company have some autolink breaking code inbuilt.


Your site suddenly looks so much better with Javascript disabled, Nick. ;) No IntelliTXT, no AdSense and no stuff cluttering up the right sidebar.

I'm sorry, I don't mind most advertizing, but IntelliTXT is just simply horrendous.

It looks a bit odd when the

It looks a bit odd when the original post quotes somewhere else and words in the quote are linked.


Is it disabled, doesn't it work yet, or is it just me that's filtering it away somewhere?

Probably the last option; I think I've probably dumped them in my hosts file, but anyway: I don't see it and I don't mind :-)

Use a US/UK proxy, more

Use a US/UK proxy, more chance of seeing something claus

Sorry you don't like it encyclo, glad you have a fix :)

Though as i mentioned in my first post, there is a way to turn it off, and a way to turn off the left hand ads, and ads under posts (bottom link, right panel) - the only thing you can't remove, is the delicious links, and i dont care! they're great! heh..

works well enough

but I can't describe that sinking feeling I have... as page re-writing is endorsed. Did your noticed increase in CTR include "what's this" clicks? The novelty is worth a click or two when first experienced.

I have to say the pop-up nature of the ads always prompts me to kill js, whereas even though I feel "duped" by textAds hyperlinks about once per day, I am never compelled to try and eliminate them.

Im not really trying to

Im not really trying to monetize *you* Andrews :)

I think regular members will quickly learn to just not mouseover them - they're pretty well marked as ads (once you know) so i hope it doesn't give anyone any problems at all.

Im more interested in monetizing random SE traffic - the adsense on posts older than a day worked ok, but if this works better (ie. pays better) then we'll stick with it.

At present it's an experiment, and one im quite open to suggestion on.

All the feedback is really great, and i've asked Vibrant to step in here and answer some of the points raised.


they're pretty well marked as ads


I'm in the "really, really don't like it" camp, its awful, truely awful.

Well, i did say "once you

Well, i did say "once you know".

Just turn them off NFFC, click the "what's this" link in the tooltip, and scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link - you won't see them again :)

not the same

>>page re-writing is endorsed

I don't see it's page re-writing at all - effectively TW is putting these ads on the site (exactly as it does adsense ads). It doesn't really matter who owns the database that adds them as long as Nick controls it on this site.

I'm not sure I like it but I'm really interested in how well it works :)

I feel stupid. I saw the green links in another post and freaked out that my mac had some sort of scumware. I feel better now.

I'll add a link about it,

I'll add a link about it, and add some permenant instructions to the "turn ads off" link tomorrow - sorry to scare you grnidone! heh :)

Vibrant Media answers your questions

Thank you for all your feedback regarding our ads. Vibrant Media is always looking for ways to improve our product and offer a better experience for users, publisher & advertisers. Below is some information to help answer some of the questions posted above. If you need anything else, or are interested in submitting suggestions, please feel free to email us directly



GeoTargeting: Vibrant Media geo-targets to US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Canada, and Japan.

CTR: CTR varies by industry and ad campaign.

Relevancy: You will see IntelliTXT relevancy on improve within the next few weeks. Through our internal site optimization, as well performance and user response analyses, IntelliTXT relevancy improves on publisher websites over time.

What triggers the ads: IntelliTXT is implemented in real-time and deployed after the article has been published by the editorial team. This is an automated process that cannot influence, or be influenced by the Editorial Team or any other partner publication.

Reasons you might not see IntelliTXT: you are using Opera or a Safari browser, you have disabled IntelliTXT, you are living in a region not yet geotargted by Vibrant Media, you are on a page that does not have IntelliTXT running on it or where our technology has not found a relevant word.

If you would like to re-enable IntelliTXT after disabling it, simply clear out your cookies.

Increased Clicks from the “what’s this?’ link: Clicking on the “What’s This?” link inside the tooltip does not increase the ads CTR as this link is tracked separately from advertiser clicks.

IntelliTXT ads are user-driven (user initiated): If you comes across a relevant word, you can move your mouse over the link to view the ad. If you do not come across a word of interest, just ignore the hyperlink and continue on with your session uninterrupted.

Thanks for your interest in IntelliTXT! We appreciate the feedback!

No offense Nick, but...

I realize you have to monetize this place, but Intellitext? Thank goodness it can be disabled because I have to say that I'd stop visiting here in a heartbeat if it wasn't.

I can barely imagine a worse, intrusive form of advertising than this sort of thing. NFFC pretty much summed up my feelings on it as well. A big HUGE BLECH! :(

Motley Fool used this

The Motley Fool financial site used this - not sure if it was this company or another - as an attempt to monetize their site over the past year.

Can't say it worried me that much after the initial "whoooah" - as Nick says, you get to learn not to go over the links if you are not interested.

But then I never clicked on anything there either, so I guess I'm a bad consumer.

Self-inflicted autolink...'s better when you do it yourself, right?

Must say that the words stand out a lot, which makes me have to over the text twice sometimes. So it's a bit distracting for foreigners like myself.

Good thing is that they don't take up valuable space :)

damn, I thought I had spyware until I read this...

I'm with Jill and NFFC on this one.

OK, i've added a line to the

OK, i've added a line to the top of every post pointing to the turn off instructions - and saying that they're ads.

After a few days, when im sure all the regulars have seen it, i'll move it to the bottom of the posts.

Hope that helps with people thinking there's something wrong at their end! :)

can you block advertisers Nick?

I'm being asked to "buy database on e-bay" (yep I am still mouse overing - checking out who's advertising is fascinating :) )

Good point Gurtie. I've got

Good point Gurtie.

I've got a bunch of questions to ask in email today, i'll add that to the list - i can't see anything from the control panel..

I don't like to turn the ads off

Then again, I really felt the need to add

/* Threadwatch intellitext */
.iAs {text-decoration:none !important;border-bottom:none !important;font-style:oblique}

to my userContent.css file.

Since you asked for

Since you asked for feedback.... I’ve seen these kind of ads before and thought how clever, but for some reason i now find it really distracting, so for the first time on TW I’ve had to turn ads off.

They've always irked me on

They've always irked me on other sites simply because they're quite simple. For instance advertising for the word "Javascript" -- if I know what javascript is, where's the incentive for me to clickthrough? This is an inherent problem with the intellitext system because it can't scan for entire phrases, because they probably wouldn't occur much in the overall publisher inventory that advertisers might want to target.

That said, I've not turned anything off since joining, simply because of the nature of the place. Its always going to be harder to monetize sticky traffic in this way -- the user is here to visit the place [usually a forum] and read it and interact with it. Clicking off the site is counter productive, so the person has less desire to do so. Thus CTR is on the down.

Nick, there HAS to be a

Nick, there HAS to be a better way to monetize TW... IMHO, Intellitext is a "quality indicator", and I don't mean that in a good way...

I remember all this from somewhere...

the comments here have been reminiscent of the threads at WMW when goto launched...

I bet you none of the regulars even notice inside 6 months

I won't...

...with my userContent.css hack. Thank you firefox :-)

There's got to be a way...

The thing is, I don't think I'd ever click on the Intellitext to make it worth your while to put it on; I don't mouse over text when I read it, so the links get ignored even if I don't turn off the ads. I'm ok with them being there, though, but I'm not sure if it will pan out. I guess time will tell.

At least the "sponsored" ad write up thing brought forth a decent discussion. It could be a way for them to talk about new services they have.

I'm thinking that any form of advertising will be poo hooed by the readership here.

You know what I almost feel

You know what I almost feel slightly deflated. Now either I am a complete and utter fool or TW isn't what I thought it was.

I believed that TW (and I mean this in all honesty) had the most clued up, commercially savvy, technologically aware webmasters out there bar none.

I guess that Nick was approached by Vibrant Media who thought the same and wanted some promotion of their product so that all of us (those commercially savvy, knowledgeable, profit hungry tech aware webmasters) would see the benefits and jump on board.

I guess NIck thought the best way to see the product and appraise it would be to stick it on here. A pleasant side effect for him, his family and his obscenely huge menagerie was some wonga by doing it.

Now the reason we are all having a little moan about the ads is why I think that we'd like this kind of system on our sites.

Let's be brutally frank here.

We all hate seeing adverts, and even more so on a quality site like this.
We come here for interaction with friends, colleagues and aquantances to learn and educate ourselves further. All kudos to Nick for building something like this cos without him we couldn't do it.

Now I dunno about you, but most of my web sites (existing or planned) aren't community driven. People come to my sites and I plan to monetise them as best I can, then get rid of them till they stumble across my spam in the SERPs next time. It may be a form to fill in, it may be a click on an ad, it may even be a phone call or a sale of a product.

You know I said above we all hate ads. Well in all honesty I don't think that's true. I believe we don't hate Adsense ads. Not because they aren't ads but because we no longer manage to "see them" - We have become Ad blind to them, just like we became ad blind to 640 wide banners and in time will become ad blind to little green lines that show a pop up advert.

But these are subtley different enough to invoke an interest. You and I being irritated by them is enough to prove the point, that Mr and Mrs Joe Public will take a peek if only because they are unusual.

The business model is a strong one IMHO as well, because it takes 2 actions for a visitor to get to the end advertisier web site. Click the link to get the ad, then click the ad itself. In actual fact it is 100% more qualified than Y or G network adverts.

If we can forget about how we, as non standard web users (we must be non standard, we run and operate web sites) looking at a non standard web site (A web site about Search engines - How niche is that! ?), with a non standard family style commmunity atmosphere feel about the intrusiveness of the ads and think whether it'll increase our bank balance then I feel we can smile a little more and see the potential benefit of the 1 month study can deliver.

OK rant over - Sorry about that :)


Im hearing what's being said, but one thing i've taken from other discussions here, is that you can't evaluate things so quickly.

I'd like to give this a week at least, and then ask for opinions again - sound ok?

It's a great experiment.

I'd like to see it run the whole 30 days, Nick. Because, I'd like to hear if it got decent click throughs. I think it's great Nick is willing to try it live, because maybe I'll use it on some of my sites someday. As a test it's cool because I don't have to work and I'm really curious as to how it all survives in the wild. :)

I reckon I'll eventually turn it off for myself, but if it gets decent click throughs - and revenue - from people wandering in from SE's then I think it's fine.

I suspect it would all work better with static pages of articles and stuff rather than a dynamic environment.

>the only thing you can't remove, is the delicious links

and pffft they're gone. never say can't, nick, FF is more than capable when it comes to ripping the balls out of a site.

yeah, you can go even

yeah, you can go even further than that, and i've no objection whatsoever heh..

We all hate seeing adverts

Thats simply untrue Jason. Ads are, like it ir not, part of the content of the site, done right they add to the site and make it better.

I don't think that intellitext or whatever it is called does that. The wider issue that needs thinking about on a site such as this, that relies to a large extent on user submitted content, is whose words are they and what the reaction of the writer would be to having their words in effect edited?


To me, these types of ads are deceptive. We think of links as a vote to another page somewhere. Yes, these links look slightly different, but they were obviously created the way they are created in order to deceive those who don't know better into thinking they are regular links, and recommendations of the poster.

Intellitext, Autolink, whatever you want to call sucks no matter how you slice it.

I still say that you can't monetize a community website through advertising and Nick needs to be looking outside of that if he wants to make money off this venture.

Sell shirts and hats

I am not too keen on IntelliTXT, but I don't have any good suggestions for you. Does SEMPO have an affiliate program? :)

but they were obviously

but they were obviously created the way they are created in order to deceive those who don't know better into thinking they are regular links

Do you take the borders off of your adsense, and make the titles the same color as the links on your page Jill? :-)

I got an email from Amy, who said that they have manually removed ebay and ads, and will be manually tuning the relevancy over the next few days - by Monday/tues she thinks we should start seeing a difference.

This thread has started to go round in circles a bit now, i'll certainly let it run today, and maybe tomorrow but sometime before monday i think we'll close this one down, and open up again in a week to see how we're doing then ok guys?

manual removal?

if thats manual removal just for TW then that's very sweet but it really could do with the option in admin - as a publisher you need to be able to remove direct competitors at minimum IMO....


People's reaction is really interesting - I'm honestly surprised the rest of you guys can't just mentally tune them out - I've already started to have to actually look for them to see what they're doing

Since none of us can know what the lurkers are going to do I'd just really like to see the CTR's - look at who's advertising - unless all of these people happen to be experimenting at the same time there are some big names as advertisers and big names tend to advertise on effective media. Now perhaps this is so cheap they don't care or perhaps it's so effective it makes it cheap but not one single regular at TW should be uninterested in knowing the answer - all of us either need to make money for ourselves or clients and personal dislike of it doesn't mean we shouldn't know about it. If Nicks willing to do consumer research for us I'm totally in favour :)

There are about 5 ways to switch it off listed above so if you're genuinely not interested in seeing what appears then I guess there's a solution for you ;)

Meanwhile I've already got a list of questions (largely about the admin and what control there is) so I really hope you run it for the full 30 days Nick. (And had this been a an 'advertisement thread' it would have been a good one too)

Great thread

It's really interesting to see the reactions here. I'm also curious as to how the ads perform, so please do tell us about it :-) - after the full month of course. In my experience things usually need to run for a good while before you can tell what's going on - novelty needs to wear off first.

(Sidenote: Hey Nick, how's it going - is the site in the black yet?)

If it's really annoying to the regulars, then just show it to people that are not logged in - or on posts older than, say one week?


Regulars are smart enough to try one of the methods to make the IntelliTXT less obtusive (css) or disappear altogether. No big deal.

FWIW, I would never provide an easy link near the top of the page to turn this off. IMV Nick is a bit of a softie ;-] (Oooh, will this be edited???).

I wonder why he didn't close the thread already BTW...

Hmm, on second thought, I think I know.
Sorry about that....

Do you take the borders off

Do you take the borders off of your adsense, and make the titles the same color as the links on your page Jill? :-)

I only use AdSense on one site -- my old parenting site that I haven't worked on or added content to since about 1997. And yes, I am as deceptive as I can get away with regarding the adsense ads and have blended them into the navigation of the site as best as I can.

But that's because I no longer have an active community there. It's just a site that still exists and has some decent info on it. (Luckily, parenting advice stays fairly consistent through the years.)

I really don't have a problem with Nick or anyone doing whatever form of advertising they wish to do on their sites as I can vote with my browser and choose not to visit if it got to a point where I couldn't stand it any longer.

I had already made a conscious choice not to visit SEO Chat because I believe they use Intellitext or something similar. And I never used to visit due to the pop up problem, before we had pop up blockers. (I think they may have stopped doing pop ups now anyway.)

People newer to the internet might not mind these things or they believe them to be just a part of life. But with a community such as TW which consists of people who've been online since the beginning, it's not at all surprising to find that they would be annoyed by this type of thing.

Again, it's fine because I've got them turned off. Therefore, I see no reason why Nick shouldn't keep them if they provide him with a good ROI.


...not to visit SEO Chat because I believe they use Intellitext...

When was that???

Seochat uses their own ad system, but nothing like intelliTXT. Not even ads in between posts (unless you count the archive, I dunno)...

Sorry, must have been before I joined :)


I may be thinking of another forum, not SEO Chat? One of the other SEO forums (which I never visit) has something like I better go out and find out which!

Be back when I find out which I meant, and my apologies to SEOchat! Anyone have any idea which one I'm thinking of? (I'm afraid with my TW cookie enabled I may not be able to see the links and figure this out!)

Okay, I just checked at my forum, because I knew there was a thread there where I was complaining about intellitext and a forum and it WAS indeed SEO chat. It may not actually be on their forum, but they do use it on their articles.

The article where I had previously seen it on (and it's an awful article) was this one:

In fact, I'm still seeing it, even though I have my cookie set here not to see it.

I see it too Jill on that

I see it too Jill on that URL. It's Intellitext.

Jill, you are right: in the SEOChat articles

That must be why I never read the articles anymore hehe. Oops did I just say that?

I just checked it and the css hack I posted above works there too. At least it gets rid of the underlines and bottom-borders... Glad to see that it's universal ;-)

Im guessing the cookie is

Im guessing the cookie is domain specific jill, you'd need to turn it off at seochat specifically.

The problem at SEOChat is compounded.. the fact that their IntelliTXT links are the same shade of blue that they use for other links - a bit like blending in AdSense ads, only in the SEOChat case even worse as you cannot tell till you mouseover whether it is a normal link or an ad.

Nick is using green for IntelliTXT at TW, so its very clear which are ads.

If I turn them off...

...they just turn back on on the next visit. Not real impressed here. I don't mind ads, but those are a bit annoying. I hope the EPC is good;)

yer it's hard to turn them

yer it's hard to turn them off and the time lag for "waiting for" is getting annoying so much so I have written a greasemonkey script not to show them and bounce a 404 back to them.


I just tested it, and the

I just tested it, and the cookie says it expires on the 16th sept?


Mine were showing again yesterday, but I turned them off again, and they seem to still be off at the moment.

brutal evaluation

This brutal, honest, and straight forward evaluation of intellitext must be worth alot more than contxtual ad rates pay, Nick. You got yourself a professional focus group here, if you haven't already monetized THAT ;-0

I never turn of anything but appreciate the offer. I clear cookies every session anyway.

I am also amazed at how often your adsense block lands dead-center on the page, right under my ThinkPad's cursor thingy default position. I use middle-button-drag-downward to scroll through pages, which means on TW I am constantly erroneously clicking down onto AdSense ads (and getting annoyed that the page doesn't scroll).

Threadwatch Drops

Threadwatch Drops IntelliTXT

Closing this thread in favor of the one linked above.

Thanks everyone.

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