Scared to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS?


A lot of posts that I read on the 'Net lately are about how switching from HTTP to HTTPS leads to lost rankings and disaster. It doesn't have to be that way though. On SEO Chat, users are discussing what you need to do to prepare for an HTTPS migration in this thread. One of the mods there has transcribed some solid advice from John Mueller. The mod also says that he's never had major issues migrating, and he seems like an open dude. So if you have any questions, that'd be the thread to ask them in.

I was reminded of that thread because HTTPS migrations were in the news yesterday. The SEM Post published two stories: one story about how you can move partial sites to HTTPS, and another about how using a 301 or 302 to redirect to HTTPS results in no PageRank loss.

Anyone else finding that the Internet is full of "tales of woe" when it comes to HTTPS?