Google Buys Location Aware IM System [Lies! Lies!]

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Report: Google To Acquire IM Social Networker Meetroduction
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UPDATE: According to John Battelle, this rumour is bollocks

Further to its aquisition of Dodgeball in May this year, Google will announce this week, it's purchase of Meetroduction. Meetro is a geo-aware IM services that let's users find other users with similar interests within specific localities - or proximity. It's one more step to the "clearly coming" Google IM service, and as PC says "The company needs to be stickier and that's one way of doing it."

Gary thinks, as do I, that they're spreading themselves a little thin under their current "mission":

I'm still wondering what Meetroduction and have to do with Google's mission, "to organize the world's information and make it universally useful and accessible." Maybe it's time for Google to better define their mission these days.


the google mission statement

while i am generally a big fan of the google mission statement, it is one of those things that is so broad it runs the risk of becoming meaningless. i think one way this could be in accordance with their mission statement is that in order to organize information for users, they must understand the habits of various users, as well as the social networks of those users; this will allow superior organization and customization of information, which could conceivably help make info more "universally useful and accessible".

Does google want to organize

Does google want to organize information in chats?

hopefully not; hopefully

hopefully not; hopefully it's more about finding more information to organize, and learning more about me to organize stuff for me better. although i wonder if there's such a thing as too much, and if this is in that area....

UPDATE: According to John

UPDATE: According to John Battelle, this rumour is bollocks

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