Contextual Ads: Chitika Launches an Aggregated Contextual Network

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Contextual Ad Company Pools Its Advertisers
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There's a new kid in contextual town, goes by the name of Chitika.... Essentially this startup is pooling advertisers from various networks into a commission junction style deal - Publishers (that would be you and i...) can sign up and show ads from a couple of different networks with just the one account. If it takes off and the current talks with other big players goes well then it could well be a winner. These quotes from the MediaPost threadlink above via this MarketingVOX post:

A new contextual advertising company is pooling the advertisers from its various ad network distribution partners into a single sales channel, giving publishers access to more than 500,000 paid listings

Chitika President and CEO Venkat Kolluri said that, while the companies Quigo and Kanoodle have similar services, "their reach is restricted by the advertising partners in their network."

Sounds pretty smart to me, what do ya reckon?