SearchViews Slaps Google over "Chefs Post"

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Latest Google Press Release Leaves Bad Taste
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A whole bunch of happy Google huggers are busily reporting the oh so fun search for a couple of cooks post on the GoogleBlog today, and whilst I don't feel that slapping them about over world hunger is particularly fair (i mean, are we not allowed to talk about food?), some of the points Erin Bradley makes are very well put, and bear repeating.

Dear Google,

You're the richest, coolest, most awesometastic company in the whole wide world.



It just screams of noveau riche (think Steve Martin as Navin Johnson in this movie) and makes us wonder why such a seminal company still feels like it's got something to prove.

Maybe you're jealous of Yahoo's buddy-buddy relationship with glamour boy Richard Branson and want the world to know you're jet-setters too?

Here's a tip: a simple "help wanted" ad will do.

I just thought it was a dumb, boring thing to post, but i think Erin has a point...




You are what you eat... nuff said.

For a single guy...

...that is a great perk.

I wish my tech interview with them back in 2001 was with a native English speaker instead of the bozo I got.


Oh, yeah, that blog entry smacks of, well, err, you know.

To be perfectly fair, the

To be perfectly fair, the tagline for the blog is "Googler insights into product and technology news and our culture." So it fits.

The biggest question I have is: Where the hell's the beef?

That's a diversion tactic

Google is covering other activities by a smoke screen produced in the kitchen;)

New Vogue Thing

I know its the new vogue thing to bash google, but this is a stretch. So they have fun making the google blog and hiring a chef, krikeys !!

Your getting soft Nick

I'm worried your getting soft by posting to such nonsense. Seriously, Erin needs to get a life. Sure, the humour from Google isn't everyones cup of tea, but lets ban all cooking blogs as well because shit, some third world country run by a despot lacks sufficient food, lets ban housing sites because some people don't have shelter in major cities, f*ck, lets ban web sites because some people don't have internet access.

Hey, i did say i didn't

Hey, i did say i didn't agree with that bit...

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