Mobile Device Database Launches

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Mobile Research Launches First-of-Its-Kind Mobile Device Data Service
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UPDATE: Alfie informs me that there is indeed an Open Source mobile Device DB available Wonder what the point of MobileResearch is when there's already a free alternative?

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Some months back, in a conversation here at TW i stated a wish for a mobile device database, something you could query to get info on a particular model for web dev. Well, Mobile Research have done it, though it's not the Open Source solution I'd hoped for.

he "Mobile Device Database" is the first commercially available solution that provides mobile developers and content publishers the data they need to address the problems associated with mobile device fragmentation. The "Mobile Device Database" is a comprehensive database of device data for each device on every major carrier. The "Mobile Device Database" contains over 500 data per device, including supported APIs, media support, markup language tag support, WAP Push characteristics, messaging, and much more.

"Device-specific information is crucial to developing mobile games and applications, formatting mobile media, providing customer support, and the delivery of mobile content in a mobile market where there are over 100 unique models of mobile devices available to subscribers at any given time," said David Adams, CEO of Mobile Research. The "Mobile Device Database" is launching initially for the North American market, but will be expanding into European mobile markets this fall. The "Mobile Device Database" service is available on an annual subscription basis


I have one such database

Didn't know that people wanted structured information like that.

I happen to have such a database, with 109 cellphones and 43 PDA's. So, even though my base only covers the Danish market, it's at least at large as that of Mobile Research *lol* Of course I don't have 500 data points per device, only the 30 most interesting ones.

I made it as a a research project in January 2004 - I honestly never thought that it would be useful for anything, except for the customer I made it for. Perhaps I should update it some day.

(the Open Source DB link don't work for me)


hey Claus, the link might not work as its a really large xml file - best to save it and open in your code editor of choice - some browsers might not have xml read built in so itll just come out as b0rked.

For me, this open source resource was totally invaluable when we built a ring tone site

note to editor: it is incredibly bad manners to edit someones post and not make it clear - its understandable if you have t&c's that disallow "promotional" posts, in this case it wasnt one - it was contextual - but in any event, if you're going to edit someones post, let them know why in the body.

(not miffed as I understand, but it's not good practice).

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