Benchmark Ecommerce Stats by Industry

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Benchmark Ecommerce Conversion Rates by Industry
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Fireclick have some very interesting ecommerce stats ordered by industry sector. Linda has the details

These stats show that affiliates convert as well as email marketing and better than key word marketing. Fireclick shows important online marketing metrics such as conversion rates for first time visitors vs repeat visitors, cart abandonment rates, average # of page views per session and average session duration. These are great stats to know and to measure your own results against.

As a benchmark for your own sites, these stats may well be worth a look...


Take It with a grain of Salt

I wouldn't trust this data. I took a quick look and it shows some major inconsistencies with well known retail data. ie. For most retailers, CR increases 3-4X avg during December, yet their graphs don't even show an uptick.

Ahh, the memories...Fireclick.

Good times, good times.

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