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Google Analytics? New Domains For Those Who Like To Speculate
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UPDATE: It took the good members of TW to point out the patently obvious. I originally (see below) wondered what this domain name buy might herald, but it's obvious of course: Google aquired Urchin in late March this year, and one would assume that they're getting close to launching whatever they've cobbled together out of it...

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Search super sleuth Gary Price uncovers another interesting GOOG domain buy: The company on the WHOIS is apparently used to hold domains for Google before new services are launched. So, what's that all about then eh?


Got to be Urchin

the new, improved, Googlified version...

One Name



The heat must be affecting my brain :)

urchin rox

After using a range of stats from the free webalizer/awstats through to commercial ones from deepmetrix (bloatware and sh*te) I have found Urchin to be excellent both from an end user and admin point of view.

The basic urchin is great but you can go even further with the tracking module including code on every page of the site to get really specific, I'd love to see Google do something with this, possibly better it, but then charge a reasonable amount for it.

Urchin on demand is 'only' $199 a month currently, a bit pricey imo!

If google gave away a good free or limited version to adwords/adsense users and reduced the cost of a premium option they could make an absolute killing with this in my opinion.

If you haven't used Urchin before I suggest watching these 2 demos:

Non-respondant ?

Urchin has me pretty much in the bag, but I had a few questions. I emailed them three times at


I told them I had 2million hits a day, and wanted to know if Urchin's 30 day product allows for unlimited hits (most trials have a cap on the number of hits). Despite the absurdly high number, the sales team wrote me back saying that I would "have full access of the Urchin Product". I don't want to waste time implementing a trial to have it expire in 2 hours.


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