Microsoft "Genuine Advantage" Cracked

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Microsoft "Genuine Advantage" cracked
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BoingBoing reports that a simple one line hack gets pirated M$ Windows past their verification system.

This link has the code , TW software does not allow me to post "suspicious code".


Good news really. That is,

Good news really. That is, after all, why they call it a beta...

MS Update is FUD

I'm writing this from my old laptop running Windows 98. I've just spent three hours trying to get my 100% legal copy of Microsoft XP on my main monster machine updated to Service Pack 2.

Like every other time I use MS update I wondered "How much will this f*** up my system?" That has just become an instinctive thought after living with Windows for many years.

Imagine that - some manufacturer distributing enhancements to a product and the customers wondering, not if, but how much this will break their product ("break" meaning making it more troublesome or perhaps impossible to do something that was possible or easy before).

Okay then, after two hours or so I got a small popup warning on the screen "Access denied" and a button labelled "OK" that I could press. Noting else. "Wow" I thought, "Ain't that a magnificent level of information. If only all software would provide such detailled and useful information".

Well, nothing else to do but press the button. Since then (around one hour ago) the screen has shown a "Removal of Microsoft XP SP 2 Guide" screen (one more of those popups). Essentially it's just a flat popup with some text on it.

"Running procedures before removal" it says. And apart from that my system is frozen. Great, huh? Now, when did I say tht I wanted to UNinstall SP2? I was trying to do the exact opposite I thought. And, why the f***, if something required "access" of some kind, could it not have examined that in advance and informed me, or asked for access? Don't even know what access was not given for... Dang.

Now I've managed to kill some of those hanging processes somehow - I don't have a clue what's going on on my machine right now but the hard drive is humming and clicking, so something must be going on. And as I wrote that, it stopped...

It's that "Guide" again, now it's "running processes after removal". Yeah right, absolutely nothing is happening on that machine. No activity whatsoever. Sheesh... I'm going to try to kill whatever I can kill and then reboot and hope that my system will be operational.

Anyway, I ran windows update before I did all this and I wasn't asked for a serial number - not once. I did have it right next to me, as I always have just in case, but whatever that "Advantage" thing is (it was on the install list) it did not probe me.

My sympathies Claus

Had exactly the same EXPERIENCE running XP on my nearly new laptop -- XP bought and legit, the SP2 stuffed the laptop so I’ve blitzed that machine and gone back to using my cracked copy of win2000. Never again will I buy software by M$ -- they owe me hours of time thanks to betas and the moronic knowledge base they operate.

I wish I was still in IT fulltime I would migrate and use that funny system that NickW uses;)

yeah! Im running a pure


Im running a pure 64bit Gentoo system, and it ROCKS...

boot.ini corrupted

It seems it corrupted the boot.ini file which is the main windows startup component (I think) so now it's trying to recover the system. "Disk Control" it says on the screen.

Sofar it has notified me that three of my document files (which are on another partition than the Windows OS) have had lost clusters replaced "with the name (null)". Well, I guess it means that SP2 deleted three of my documents, but I don't know for sure until I manage to get the thing booted.

>> that funny system that NickW uses ;)

Actually I do run Linux as well, only it's not the Gentoo flavour (not 64 bit either)

>> migrate

I can't even do that. A part of my business is based on Microsoft Windows-specific development, as I make automated "extensions" (or "buttons" if you like) for Microsoft Office programs (mostly Excel). So, I just have to use MS Windows.


Well, 40% of files scanned sofar - a little more than one minute per percentage point. Seems like there's at least one more hour to go, and I do have a deadline Monday... One of those Microsoft-extensions are due for delivery monday morning (and one which must be made on XP)...

some six hours later or so

My machine is now recovered - only difference seems to be that a shut-down now takes six full minutes. Sorry about hijacking the thread...

heh! glad it all worked out

heh! glad it all worked out claus :)

This is why

This is precisely why I don't install early versions of Windows (or anything, really). I'm still running W2K. Thinking the next OS will be Linux with a Windows emulator. If it works with the thousands of dollars of software I've purchased.

By the way, thanks for the info, claus. It's most instructive.

I would love to migrate but

I would love to migrate but we have bought a lot of windows software here which would be a pain to lose. I have been keeping an eye on Wine as an emulator, unless anyone can make a better suggestion? Graphical work always seems to be the problem, my designers need Photoshop and Illustrator.

However it looks like the Wine community has been busy since I last looked - some people have Photoshop 7/CS working there now. So maybe it's time for another go.

That's great news

Great news, kino. We have precisely the same problem, and are waiting to see what evolves.

No problem Diane - I'll give

No problem Diane - I'll give it another go soon and post my experiences for you.

Not over yet's not over yet. Yesterday my machine wouldn't start up unless it performed a full system and file check first - I think it was named something like "integrity check". Of course, as it said, you could skip it but it was advised not to. So I didn't. After watching numbers chipping away on the screen for one full hour without being able to get to my machine, I pulled the plug and rebooted, this time skipping the integrity check.

Then, I made backups of all my document files. It was outside my normal scedule, but I figured I'd better do it now, as I honestly didn't know for how long the machine would keep working. It's not old, btw, at most two years and with 1 Gigabyte of ram plus plenty of disk space - all disk drives have at least 40% free space. Well, that took an hour or two as well as I don't just burn some DVDs, I also do some cleaning. So, at least three hours more was wasted yesterday. Remember, I had a dealine for a product this morning.

Well, I just had to work on in one stretch without closing the computer until the stuff was completed, plus I had to save the files regularly on my USB stick, just in case.

Was I mad at MS and XP? You bet. Anyway, I got some sleep and powered on the computer today to find that it still wanted that integrity check done. So, I decided that I'd better let it have it's way his time. It took two ! full ! hours ! before the logon screen appeared, and now, while writing this, I'm doing the defragmenting routine, just in case.

I reckon that I've wasted more than one full "normal working day" (ie. nine to five) on this sofar. And I know that every single time I'll be doing a Windows Update from now on, it will ask me to install Service Pack 2, and I will stare at the screen and swear.

To add insult to injury, someone I know knew someone who knew how to get a disk with XP SP2. It was a crack, and it apparently "just worked". Like that - out of the box, except there was no box. Sounded nice, but I just can't do that. I use this computer for work. So, I'll have to endure all the hassle that comes with original MS software. Including, but not limited to, the fact that "it just don't work".

>> Migrate

Come to think of it, the difference between the Linux world and the MS world is just that - does it work or not? While in the MS world, you buy a product and it costs an insane amount of money. With that purchase comes a promise that it will work and that it will be adequate for your needs. Of course it's not. And, sometimes something goes wrong.

In the Linux world, OTOH, there are no such promises. In stead people write "this might work, or it might not" - even on industry grade software. And after you've conquered your built in scepticism and tried a product, then another one, and then one more -- they're mostly free -- you find out that they do work. Of course they do. Even if sometimes something goes wrong.

Now, when things go wrong in the MS world you are left with no clue. There are nothing but secrets - often you don't even get a clue as to what the nature of the problem is. You can do nothing except trust that somehow magically the problem will fix itself. How's that for a sound business strategy?

In the Linux world somebody else has always tried the same thing, or nearly the same. People help each other and given enough time, skill, and motivation, you can actually fix every single problem you will ever encounter on your machine - including, but not limited to, rewriting the whole Operating System. There are no secrets.

>> Photoshop

Now, you can get The Gimp for Windows. It's the Linux equivalent of Photoshop. Take it for a trial run, it's free - and make those designers do the same. It does most, if not all, of the same things, but of course some of the things are called something else, and some of the buttons look a little different. A skilled graphical designer used to Photoshop will be up to speed with it relatively fast, I think.

>> Windows software

Anything you can think of in terms of software, somebody will have made something like that for Linux by now.

The only thing that I haven't been able to find in a Linux version is "Microsoft Office for Windows". There are Office packs that are just as good for Linux, but they are not "Microsoft Office for Windows". As I do development in "Microsoft Office for Windows" -- because the customers that order these products run nothing but "Microsoft Office for Windows" -- I have a reason to keep putting up with this endless row of insults called Windows.

The rest of you don't have a reason. Really, there's no excuse. Even the Mac is better.



And now, I'll shut up and defragment my hard drive.

Hey ...

Easy now. :) I've not gone to XP because ... well, you can see why. And I've seen the Gimp, too. And Macs, for which some third-party software just isn't made (though I love their wide-screen flat panel monitors).

The time will come. The perfect Linux/Windows emulator may be just on the horizon.

JasonD swears by win4lin i

JasonD swears by win4lin i believe...

and btw, i love the GIMP :)

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