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What is it that drives people on forums, or in a pub, or anywhere at all for that matter, to have the same old conversation over and over again? I was browsing SEW yesterday, and came across this tired old subject and apart from a funny quote from NFFC and a disguised slap from Marcia, It's 99% drivel...

Over and over again.

Why do we insist on regurgitating the same boring shit every week or so?


too judgmental

I think the same old shit gets asked over and over because in a thread like that one, about 5% of the posts actually address the original question, and the other 95% judge the poster's motives in asking it.

So people wait until the dust settles and ask again, or move to another forum to ask the same thing, hoping that a post about the effectiveness of "X" won't result in pillory.

I have (once) reported a site

... but before I get cut down for it, it WAS a genuine index quality issue. Some nasty stuff showing for a seemingly innocent query.

I suppose I *might* report a site as part of a negative SEO campaign too, but I can't imagine that there would be much point....

I think there ar emuch better ways to go about removing an offensive listing anyway, and simply outranking them is the ideal solution, IMO

That's no disguised slap -- she's flaming again

Marcia is one of the most blatant flamers at SEW. Snitching is controversial, but many of us have done it, and many of us will probably do it again. While I agree that snitching doesn't improve one's own site, if there is blatant abuse, it is liable to being reported and the search engines make it possible for people to report abuse.

It's easy to cross lines without being sure of where you are, but when someone goes way overboard and just mops up the search listings with every spam trick in the book, people get understandably frustrated.

Personally, despite what

Personally, despite what many may think, i don't have much against reporting spam in general. I believe it to be a collosal waste of time, but it's dressing it up in ethics that annoys me, not the actual reporting.

Now, am i the only one to notice that we are now going round and round in circles? :)

Really, why bother...

a matter of tone

a lot of times it's the way the question is phrased causes other people to make assumptions and drag the thread away from what was probably the actual question.

Then it goes, well, not exactly round in circles, more downhill rapidly until it crashlands in a bog.

gurtie with the setup...

Gurtie said:

"...downhill rapidly until it crashlands in a bog."

or in a blog. :)

you know what's really funny?

Look how long *this* thread is...

hehe.. yeah!

hehe.. yeah!


...forums are even more prone to have "repeated" threads than others. It takes dedication Nick...

What strikes me is that there are some people who ask the same question over and over again. THEY must have some secret agenda...

PS: that's three times the word "some" in one post, four including this PS... Sheesh Wit ;-]

I just like seeing my name ...

... over, and over, and over, and over again ... that's why I do it. ;-)

OTOH, if one analyzes the essential ... oh, nevermind. hehe.

Seriously, I think the main reason behind it is simple. Most of these dunderheads don't take the time to search and research their questions first. They just think it's fine to waste everyone else's time. Often they can't even pose their questions clearly and briefly; somehow *they* don't have the time. Then to top it all, many of 'em get irritated if someone else doesn't spell out the answers entirely for them. Pet peeve of mine, actually ... can you tell? ;-)

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