Why Bloggers Don't Get Adsense

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Adsense: Why Bloggers Don't Get It
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Or, Aunt Millie's Newsletter...

As part of his series on Adsense, Graywolf posts a hilarious, and scathingly instructional piece for those bloggers (most of them) that just don't understand why their Adsense cheques are so pitiful. (I took notes heh..)

He uses Aunt Millie to illustrate some points...

You may post about commercial related subjects like your job, what you like to buy, or even your hobbies. However these posts are all about your life, they are no more commercially viable or attractive than say Aunt Millie's Holiday Newsletter. Yes we all have an Aunt Millie in our family, every year she sends out a finely crafted newsletter in a coordinating envelope she ordered from paperdirect.com telling us all about her family. We learn how hard her husband works, how many activities her kids are in and how good they are at them. We also read the details of how her scrapbooking business hasn't taken off yet, but she promises to spend more time on it right after New Years. So if you were a business owner would you want to advertise anywhere on Aunt Millie's Newsletter? Then why would a business want to pay you top dollar to advertise on your blog?

The post itself, if you are a blogger with seriously shit Adsense stats, is well worth the read. Don't let the exaperated tone put you off, it's grade A advice.