Hey! It's Absurd Patent Time Again - Google & RSS Ads

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Google Files Patent for Contextual RSS Ads
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Like Barry, i find patents quite bizarre, but i also find them annoying, inhibiting, and dreadfully insulting. The latest Patent poo is from Google, who want to patent contextual RSS ads according to SEW - Just check out the snippet...

Incorporating targeted ads into information in a syndicated, e.g., RSS, presentation format in an automated manner is described. Syndicated material e.g., corresponding to a news feed, search results or web logs, are combined with the output of an automated ad server. An automated ad server is used to provide keyword or content based targeted ads. The ads are incorporated directly into a syndicated feed, e.g., with individual ads becoming items within a particular channel of the feed. The resulting syndicated feed including targeted ads is supplied to the end user, e.g., as a set of search results or as a requested web log. Embedding of targeted ads into syndicated feeds and/or user response to the embedded ads is be tracked in an automated manner for billing. The automated targeting and insertion process allows ads to be kept current and timely while the original feed may be considerably older.

Lord give me strength... Kanoodle and a whole slew of other smaller players are already doing this for starters, what next GOOG?


It's called ludecy.

It's called ludecy.

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