IE7 Leaks to Web

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Windows Vista, IE7 Betas Leak to Web
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It appears that less than 24hrs after the limited (MSDN subscribers only) release of IE7 beta 1, MS have already sprung a leak - the Vista download is about 2.5GB and apparently comes accompanied by a crack in the activation code - heh..

Such a leak is not that surprising considering over 10,000 beta testers were included in the first round of testing alone. Those numbers do not count MSDN subscribers who were also given access to the Beta 1 bits.


Apparently they've enlisted

Apparently they've enlisted the help of outside security company

Microsoft has enlisted some outside help for one of the most anticipated new features of its updated Web browser: the ability to alert people that they may be about to enter a fraudulent Web site.

The company has tapped WholeSecurity, a maker of computer security programs in Austin, Texas, to help Internet Explorer 7, the next version of its browser, identify Web sites designed to trick people into disclosing personal data to identity thieves, the companies said. These "phishing" sites mimic legitimate sites, such as eBay and Citibank, and have contributed to a national identity-theft epidemic.

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