Gasp! P2P Users Buy Most Music!

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Slashdot | Challenging Music Downloading Myths
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Advertising the latest blockbuster pop album for legal (paid) download on an illegal P2P file sharing portal? Makes perfect sense according to the study quoted in this BBC story.

Digital music research firm The Leading Question found that [illegal file sharers] spent four and a half times more on paid-for music downloads than average fans

Of course,

The BPI (British Phonographic Industry) welcomed the findings but added a note of caution.

"It's encouraging that many illegal file-sharers are starting to use legal services," said BPI spokesman Matt Philips. "But our concern is that file-sharers' expenditure on music overall is down, a fact borne out by study after study.

AFAIK, the reason that file sharers' music expenditures are way down is because everybodys expenditures are way down. Plus, these people are technological first-movers. There's nothing new in them using legal services - they were probably the among first doing so anyway. Anyway, consider that my opinion. What's yours:

- stupid losers or a giant market?


"But our concern is that

"But our concern is that file-sharers' expenditure on music overall is down, a fact borne out by study after study.

Targeted markets have more products to spend on, not least DVD's and mobile phone use in the teen market.

My experience

People copy files, listen to them, if they like them they buy the album, if not they ditch it and move on. I think these record companies feel entitled to our money as if it was a tax or something. Put out quality at a reasonable price in the way we want it and you will have a market. Same with the film industry really.

[/quote]stupid losers or a

stupid losers or a giant market?

Giant market. One thing they never seem to suggest is, that perhaps some of the music they are trying to sell is so shite that less people actually want to buy it.....

And Brian made an excellent point, the biggest target market for most of this pop crap is the teenagers, who have a lot of other things to spend money on these days. They need to compete better.....


Yeah, it's true; music don't just compete with other music, it also competes with glossy magazines, dvd's, ringtones, cinema and sports tickets and so on. Good point.

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