JasonD on Spam, Data, Data and erm... Data

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Interview of Jason Duke, Founder of Strange Logic & Data Gobbler
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Long time TW contributor and good friend of mine JasonD answers a few questions for Aaron in an interview that talks a lot about data collection, without giving much away. Still, it's a good read, and does provide some insight into the "seo's seo", Mr Duke.

For the record, im gonna guess you're all subscribed to SEOBook and will catch other interviews there, 'cos unless Aaron does Bill Gates, I've really got to stop writing up every single one of them, no matter how good! :)


Holy crap that's long!

now i gotta read it :-) p.s. we're doing NickW soon

are you asking him

whether he's a whatever the phrase was? :)

Good interview

Nicely done (again) by Aaron.

>doing NickW soon.

I *hope* I'm not the only guy that read that, erm, the wrong way...

Aaron on an interview spree

Aaron is cutting some good interviews lately, esecially Peter D, NFFC and latest of Jason...
I would love to read NickW too but the bet is who is going to take Aaron's interview?

That would surely hit the headlines .. ;)

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