Surprise! Yahoo! Building! Techorati! Killer!

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Report: Yahoo Working on "a Technorati Killer"
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Well knock me down, Yahoo! are building a Technorati Killer - They've gone apeshit with RSS, it should come as no surprise that they're working on a feed search engine eh? Sheesh, even MSN are rumoured to be working on one.

Google, Google, where for art thou Geezer?


Rumo(u) Schmoomer

Google said they'd built blog search ages ago. Yahoo said it. MSN said it. None of that is new. It just keeps getting reported and reported. What will be new is when the waiting game ends and they actually roll a product out.

yes, i think we've reported

yes, i think we've reported it at least twice :)

Of the three, Yahoo! most likely to do first i think...

No surprises

Yahoo, MSN and others have to come out with their own blog SE anytime now. Everyone knows how powerful blogs and their community is growing day by day.

I am also sure we are going to see more innovative tools from our convetional SEs to beat one another.

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