Traffic Power / 1p - Bully Boy Scum of the Online World?

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...or just a clueles bunch of dipshits? My money goes on the clueless bunch of dipshits personally, check out the stupid C&D they sent Aaron.

If you're not familiar with everyone's favorite scamsters, just see the first link in this post, plenty to read there hehe....

ADDED: They also changed their name to 1p. An anonymous reader reminds me :)


Mistaken ID

yea, i felt bad for Traffic Logic when I saw them being mistaken for/mis-referred to as Traffic Power in a few forum threads. Ughhh.

Ha ha ha

Nice way to start a Tuesday! What's that saying?

"If it looks like a tosser, acts like a tosser and smells like a tosser the chances are it is a tosser."

Shouldn't that be changed to

"If it looks like a tosser, acts like a tosser and smells like a tosser the chances are it's Traffic Power."

Dear me

As if they didn't already have a poor public image. If they were so good at SEO you would think they could have come up with better ways of getting rid of the bad press from the SERPs! Live by the sword die by the sword ..

That's a pretty masty

That's a pretty masty looking letter - sad to see Aaron receive it, but glad to see he's kicked the table over and called the bluff.

It gets worse...

I have a friend (a well respected SEO) who was quite involved in the process of outing TP for the scamsters that they are. They resorted to attacks on a VERY personal level until he was put off enough to decide it wasn't worth battling anymore.
I hope these guys BURN.

Would love to see you help give these guys a ton of bad press Nick.


They resorted to attacks on a VERY personal level

Frankly, IMO, these guys sound like stalkers.

Would love to see them have

Would love to see them have a go at me :)

Oh dear... about transparency! I'm sure the word "magic" isn't SEO terminology?

“Magic” Page Recency System

As search engines advance in technology, it is apparent that frequently updated sites are getting the best rankings. The advantage to the search engines is that they always have fresh content, not static old content that has not changed in months or years. Our “Magic” page recency system is a computer based program that takes handwritten content and updates it every 24 hours.

Give it a few days...

Til' you start rankin' for their name. If ya don't...I think there's a few people who would gladly link to this thread.

*added* guess ya already do (somewhat)...and man are those some ugly serps *added*

Last time they had a kicking at TW..

..was last October

(and even reading about TP sure beats my main preoccupation today, which is doing my VAT return)


I've just been reminded they changed their name to 1p - thanks agent x :)

Traffic Power

Under the US FEDERAL eye...

I wonder if Traffic Power ever heard of the FBI and their Fraud Department... Cuz I know the FBI Fraud Team has heard of them.

I have a feeling, the FBI Fraud Team is going to become VERY familar to the scum at 1p (traffic power), very soon.

I wonder how many C&D's they can write from jail...

P.S. If you have been burned by traffic power in ANY WAY PLEASE contact your local FBI office with the information, if your not a US resident, Please make a report to your local police and ask them to notify the FBI.

Get ready...

lol, everyone participating in this topic will most likely become the center of attention within the Traffic-Power/1P/First Place forums which are now outsourced to their division in the Philippines. If you are lucky, one of the owners of First Place may do a write up on you. Or, they may even dig up some personal information and build a website just for you. Been there, done that. ;)

Well I hope if they do write

Well I hope if they do write me up that they do as good a job as they do when they optomize sites... That way no one will ever see it... LOL

1p = Rippoff Scum

Would love to see them have a go at me :)

>>>>Would love to see them have a go at me :)

Nick do a 3 part article on what they did (and are doing), and how many companies they ruined and they would be sure to have a go at you. You will be sure to have them knocking on your door.

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