Google Search Console to stop supporting CSV downloads

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John Mueller announced on Google+ that the Python script which has been used to download and export query data in Google Webmaster Tools (now Search Console) since 2011 will be turned off on October 20, 2015. This was foreshadowed when the Search Analytics feature launched with no export buttons.

Instead they ask that everyone switch to their new API. Search Engine Land states that "The new Search Console API will provide a more efficient method to grab the same data." We will find out if it is truly more efficient on October 20.

The CSV downloads are one of the features in the Search Console that I take the most advantage of, so this change concerns me. Anyone else in the same boat?


The CSV files are still there

This is just for the programatic access to the CSV files (for example, if you use the Python script to get them). The download buttons are still in the UI, you can still download CSV files there normally. If you download the files manually, nothing changes.

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