Motorola & Yahoo! Team up for Content

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Motorola to Offer Yahoo Access on Devices
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The more you read, the more it's about mobile. And the more we see Search companies making pacts and plays to get in on the action. Yahoo! & Motorola have just teamed up to provide Y! content to Motorola devices, including their iRadio project to be launched later this year.

Users will be able to access Yahoo's offerings on Motorola's Linux-based mobile devices and other high-speed Internet products, including iRadio, a new device that can play Internet radio channels and the user's personal digital music collection. [...] ahoo said the deal with Motorola will extend its reach beyond desktop computers into the wireless market. Motorola-made devices carrying Yahoo content will be available to consumers starting next year

Funny, i went into a mobile shop today thinking it was high time i got something a little more up to date, but i just came out feeling old. I didn't understand much of what they had on offer, and couldn't find any of the things i thought i should be looking at.

What intrigues me at the moment, is the new MotoQ - gonna have to do a little research online before i just buy anything though i guess...


research online? that particular market? *LOL* Good luck :-)

Here's all the motorola phones at a glance. No Q though

Thanks claus - doesn't need

Thanks claus - doesn't need to be a motorola, but running linux would be nice.

The Q runs Win, but these babies don't :)

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