Finally, Google does Something with RSS

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Google have, untill now, been almost entirely absent from the RSS game. They've lagged behind rivals MSN, Yahoo! and ASK for a long time, but finally we see them make at least one small step towards the future. They've integrated RSS along with bookmarks into their personalized Google beta. I'd take it for a spin but I'm getting just a blank white page when i visit, weird...


still needs work

played with it last night, still needs work. When you add RSS there's no way to flag something as read. Not a big deal if you read half a dozen blogs, but unworkable if you read over 100. They also need to let you build your own sections and customize your sections a little more. For example I don't go to the movies closest to my house, I prefer stadium seating theatres far away, allow me to pick the theatres in my movies section.

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