Windows Vista

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Longhorn Gets a Name: Windows Vista
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Looks as though longhorn has finally been given a name, Windows Vista. The name was leaked carefully to enthusiast sites late Thursday evening, and acorrding to the BetaNews story MS have registered a whole bunch of related domains earier in the year.

Microsoft has also registered domains to go along with the newly christened Windows, including The domains were registered in late March, indicating the company made the decision even before WinHEC gave developers their first taste of Longhorn in over a year.


Windows Vista

Vista? That's just asking for a few rhyming puns and Vaseline jokes.

I always hoped they'd go with Longwait but Microsoft doesn't do self-deprecation.

bye for now

Asta La Vista windows

sorry, couldn't help it.

It means "sight"

- sort of at least. The expression "Hasta La Vista" means roughly "until the sight" or "see you later" (you don't pronounce the H in Hasta).

In Danish, the pronounciation of "Windows Vista" will be almost identical to "Vinduesvisker" which means "windshield wiper" (when someone speaks fast it will be hard to tell the difference - if they have just a tiny bit of dialect if will be impossible. You will have to identify the right product through the context).

- "No we don't have windshield wipers here, this is a g*damn software store, dammit. Tenth customer today that calls... What's up with these people... sheesh..."

Vista - "sight of something

Vista - "sight of something far away". Hm...isn't this a great name for a beta, but not a final product?

Nope, it's official

Nope, it's official

That picture...

- are these people that i should trust with my documents and my money? Really?

Too right Claus

I always make critical IT decisions based on the coolness of staff and/or representatives of the producing company - that's why linus torvalds puts me off ever using linux in any large scale ;O)


I owe Duncan Riley an apology here. I only just noticed he'd posted this story a good 4/5hrs before i wrote this :(

Sorry mate, just missed it...

Apparently there's no more

Apparently there's no more BSOD :)

XP Recovery ... dang

Just spent more than an hour, possibly two (feels like five anyway) recovering XP on my main machine.

Was working as normal when suddently it popped up with error messages that windows had to close windows media player (listened to podcasts while working). Then the hard drive started to sound weird, and then one by one windows had to shut down my other running apps, without informing me before doing so.

Last, it just rebooted. Like that. Only, it did not find the boot image when trying to start up.

Luckily I had the CD at hand and a spare PC to surf the internet so I could figure out what to do. Now it seems to be back to normal and no harm done, but I was working on a project I had promised finished by monday so I was a bit worried all of sudden.


If I was not doing Windows specific development (MS Office automation) I would surely boot up Linux every time, but here I am making nice stuff that ties other people even closer to their OS. Oh irony.

I hate XP... XP is evil

I hate XP... XP is evil incarnate...

I invited an XP Guru to my office to cast out the evil win demons... he ran away screaming obscenities and pulling out his hair, the win demons were laughing...

On the "Vista" all I see is darkness...

I have given up all hope...

OSX - XP - Vista

I just love how you people just keep falling for Microsoft's little game. You keep investing into rebooting and reinstalling. You keep putting up with viruses, popup ads, spyware, adware and most importantly critical security updates from Microsoft. I love how they have to put out critical updates to fix their critical updates. What is this all about? Could the car manufacturers get away with as much as Microsoft? How would you like to reinstall your new updates or software in your new car every other month?

I was introduced to Macintosh OS X and love it. Nothing crashes, no spyware, no adware, no popups, no viruses thanks to Safari. I cannot begin to tell you how much money we've saved by not taking our old PC back in for repair, most of the time they would say "we have to reinstall everything". Apple gives me everything I need in my world, browser, music (iTunes), pictures (iPhoto), movie maker (iMovie), dvd maker (iDVD), AppleWorks which is 100% compatible with Office and much much more. Networks great with Windows and Unix.

My old computer had WinXP. Apple is so far ahead of Microsoft. I cannot wait to see Apples next OS compared to whatever Microsoft decides to come out with. So far Apple is smoking Microsoft. What would Microsoft do without Apple's ideas?

Microsoft Vista
2005 Microsoft Vista Beta 1
Weekly updates
2006 Microsoft Vista Beta 2
Weekly updates
2007 Microsoft Vista Beta 3
Weekly updates
2008 Microsoft Vista Consumer version
Weekly updates
2008 Microsoft Vista Professional version
Weekly updates
2009 Microsoft Vista Server version
Daily updates

2006 Lion (over 200 new features)
2007 Cheetah (over 200 new features)
2008 Snake (over 200 new features)
2009 Bear (over 200 new features)

Apple delivers great integrated products. They don't just change the view and give you a ton of fixes and updates and call it a new OS. You really do get major new features.

Good luck to all of you hardcore Microsoft people. Don't cry to me about your OS.

Way to make an entrance kr,

Way to make an entrance kr, welcome to TW!

Personally i prefer Linux



I thought I had enough of "my platform is better than yours" when I was 9 and we were discussing "zx81 versus vic20".

Word to the wise, people don't switch platform just because someone else thinks using that platform is stupid.

I really must stop my compulsive need to read TW threads that contain the words "microsoft", "apple" or "linux".

Maybe we can have a (cookie-based) filter...

...for some "keywords", on the recent posts list ;-)

Howzat Nick?

PS: CBM Amiga rocks hehehe


Good idea Wit.

Amiga? Pffft, young upstart! What do you need all them colours for? ;O)


LOL, good one Claus.. but you're right, it does sound like that :)
Remember what happend to Alta Vista? ;)

You guys are mostly seasoned

You guys are mostly seasoned webmasters and have been using computers for yonks but for any newtimers here please, please, don't install the software when it's first released. Wait at least for the first Service Pack. It could turn out to be a Windows ME (more distastrous version of Windows than normal) or have some other as yet unknown nasty. Since 3.11 I've seen it happen every single time. And be warned that playing around with the beta is fine but on a spare PC.

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