Google My Arse?

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Commenting on our post about Google's Galactic Domain Names, horceracing1, who can only be british surely, notices that in amongst them is GoogeleUranus - Well, it is almost Friday dammit! And im british too...

Brits love a good nob gag, or arse gag, and uranus jokes never really grow old..



hehe ;)

British… through and through lad ;)

This seriously is a forward-looking company! Having achieved global domination – they’re now after universal domination

I do love Google Earth. It’s not all that useful but it IS good fun - and I can find the nearest pub, café or brothel closest to wherever I might be on this earth. But… I can’t for the life of me see where, why or what’s going to be the use of having the solar system mapped out in the same way… not for a fair few years yet anyway!

EDIT: Google need to concentrate on the 8 billion pages they have indexed sort out the relevance issues before they start mapping the freaking universe!


Oh please, Nick, such images over breakfast are not a good start to the day.

If google

gets Uranus does that mean M$N gets the Klingons?

file server

I used to work for a company where they named the servers after constellations, comets, moons, and planets. They named one of the file servers uranus ...

I looked in uranus for that file but couldn't find it anywhere ...

There's a street near me named Uranus...

Looked at a house at 469 Uranus. Could not consider it seriously. :-)

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