IceRocket to Launch Cleaning Product

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Mark Cuban to relaunch IceRocket
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UPDATE: There has been a little misreporting over at it seems, and thus here. IceRocket will not rebrand as BlogScour, they will be launching a new site called BlogScour. (I still think it sounds like a loo brush though) I got a nice email from Blake Rhodes at IR straigtening things out:

I found your post using our blog search. I wanted to shoot you a quick email to clarify what we are
+doing. There are some misreports that we are renaming our site and that is not what we are doing
+at all. We will keep IceRocket as is but we will also launch BlogScour as a blogs only search
+site. Currently we have blog search as our 2nd tab on IceRocket and many users felt it should be
+#1, so we decided to make a whole site dedicated to blog search with all our different blog
+related features. I hope that clears things up a bit, I am sorry you do not approve of the name :)

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Mark Cuban's, one of a myriad of blog Search engines out there, tired of a name that means little but is unique, and memorable, will rebrand as

Sheesh, of all the dumbarsed names you could have chosen. In one fell stroke limiting your scope to "blogs", and sounding like a revolutionary new toilet brush.

Great stuff...



Nick you have a way with words!

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