Flickr Ads Bungled?

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There's something strange going on over at Flickr, the photo sharing / tagging site recently aquired by Yahoo! If you check out this page on flowers for example, and click the Yahoo! Ads (not the adsense, you may have to reload the page), you'll go straight to Microsoft in FF, and to an error page in IE.

Something's screwey for sure.

thanks Michel!



Doesn't seem to be anything wrong when I checked it from here, so either it was fixed or there was an ad with an inactive landing page.


Doesn't seem to be anything wrong when I checked it from here

same here.

Meanwhile Nick cashes check from one flower company for depleating all of their competitors ad spend :)

I bet many bloggers could pull off something like that. this ad over on XYZ's blog looks weird (go take a click for yourself and tell me what you think)


"me too" as the actress said to the bishop

me 3, now - they were

me 3, now - they were definately screwed for sometime this morning though - jen prolly has the right of it...

I can still see the problem

I can still see the problem in the url of ads, not in the description url.

┬┐Am I the only one?

As has been discussed previously

..they are using both Google and Yahoo contextural ads - could have something to do with what you are seeing

yes, the problem is only

yes, the problem is only with Yahoo Ads, not with Adsense.

I take a screenshot:

I put this back on the

I put this back on the homepage, i definately got it with adsense though...

You may be looking at different pages

We seem to have established it has only been seen in Spain & Denmark.

(God knows why I am trying to solve Flickr's problems for them)

Not all Yahoo Ads have the

Not all Yahoo Ads have the problem. Only Ads that have the url with a little space from ads description.
cornwall, perhaps you have seen the "good" ones. Try to reload more times.

OK, worked it out, I'll send them the bill

there is something in the coding that is duplicating http, the correct url has it in once

As this one they have duplicated http, and it goes to M$

And this one without the double http, which goes to the advertiser

If you look at any one advert, the top link on the ad goes to the advertiser, the bottom one to M$, so depend on which one the punter (or indeed TW readers) click as to where they end up.

Having tried a random selection of Flickr pages they ALL have this error.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I could say if the advertiser was paying for the clicks that ended up at M$, or not?

Nice work sherlock cornwall

Nice work sherlock cornwall :)

Im sure Tim will see this, and pass it on to the right people...

Different type of ads

The Yahoo Ads that havent the problem are served via javascript (like Adsense). Ads with the problem are different, they use includes or something similar.

Are they using this type of

Are they using this type of ads to contextulize Adsense ads?

I sent this on to the Flickr

I sent this on to the Flickr people to have a look at.
Thanks for the problem report.


Lucky they are still in beta ;O)

(Personally I see no ads anyway)

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